Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I am just about useless today.

Why? Because I am already anticipating the energy I will need to work the weekend.


What a waste. In a couple of weeks I'll be fifty-seven. I've never been that old before. (Har har) I've never felt this old before. I got to work at 6:45 Monday morning and I left at 8:45 that night. I was toast. It had been non stop. Although I did manage 25 minutes for lunch. I had called Bill and told him not to bother to wait to eat for me; I'd be way to late. But he did.

He had made some oh so delicious pasta. I come home every time I work to something unbelievable that he has made. How lucky is that? I don't know how he waits until eight, eight-thirty, even nine o'clock, but he does. (He allows as how sipping on wine helps.)

I will work the weekend and it will be fine. I love the nurses on my unit. I will have the rare privilege of caring for people. Do you know how awesome it is to be able to make someone's day better? There's not much cooler than to be giving report at the end of your shift and have your patients and their families ask hopefully if you will be back tomorrow.

Except maybe the relief of saying, "No, no I'm off tomorrow."

I'm getting some new shoes. My dear beloved Charge Nurse recommends them highly. And it is supposed to stop storming tomorrow. Poor Fat Charlie has been in a constant state of terror for what, five days? He's still quite weak and fragile from his bout with Vestibular Disease. (Here is a link about him on Whippet World.) His eyes are normal now, but he has the tiniest head tilt still. His hind legs were getting a little wobbly before all of that and now they are not so trustworthy.

We've been carrying him up and down the stairs, but yesterday he managed with only a steadying hand on his collar. But he's been shaking and trembling and panting and pacing with all of these relentless storms. It has to exhaust him beyond his nearly fourteen year old limits. My brave dog who never ever showed fear, until a hideously unfortunate Fourth of July last year. He was my Steady Eddy. My Fat Charlie.

Well the storms are supposed to stop tomorrow.

Maybe I can walk the waggle between the rain drops after lunch. Then maybe I'll go to our locally owned garden store (NOT LOWES) and buy some plants. Even if it's raining I can fill the pots on the porches.

Oh I just remembered I have a puppy! Here are his parents when they were puppies:

Hmmmmm. Well maybe we can protect the plants until the quilters leave at least. We're on a home tour Friday and Saturday.

Time for lunch.

Hug your hounds


  1. I'm so glad you have recharged your writing batteries - I am smiling again...


  2. I second what HJ said. Thank you for writing and for sharing.

  3. What HJ said. And I soo know the feeling of being tired just anticipating a weekend at work.. What a waste of time and energy, if you find the magic trick let me know!


  4. HOpe you made it or at least some one was kind enough to resuscitate you if you needed it.... :O)

  5. You know how sometime you meet someone in person or via writing and they just make you feel confident in them? I feel that way about your nursing skills. If I was in the hospital and you were my nurse, I'd feel very well taken care of.

  6. What a lucky home tour to have your home as part of it! Wonderful opportunity to see caring and thoughtful restoration.

    Having experienced the storms second hand in St. Louis, (well, you've been getting them before we have) I am about as fed up as Charlie.

    What kind of puppy do you have???


  7. Have you ever tried Rescue Remedy for pets? It helps my Border Collie get thru the thunderstorms.
    BTW, She had a bout of Vestibular Syndrome at the same time as Fat Charlie and also has residual hindquarter weakness! I wondered if it was related!
    I just got home from my 12 hour shift, I can relate to your apprehension for the weekend. Nighty Night and stay dry.

  8. Later in her life (about 14the first time) Sara reacted to things she no longer could tolerate by going into geriatric Vestibular. (Rolling eyes horribly unsteady.)
    We were new to SC the first time it happened and thankfully (one Vet knew what it was.) It was Saras's new reaction to her rabies shot then and the last time she no longer could tolerate her heart guard. Even given in smaller doses during the week, she reacted with GVD.
    Sara lived to be almost 17, along the way many things became to powerful for her, and this reaction came about. Thankfully it always went away.
    We had luck with a DAP collar for Murphy's thunder fright. It calmed him immediately.

  9. WE have been MIA but are back.. PL2 says she knows that feeling ( on the floor in your uniform) and hopes your weekend is not too bad( hers was last w/e) WE are sending you all twelve thousand kisses!! (Archie picked that number) Love PL2 and A+A

  10. If I were in the hospital, Patience, I would pray that you would be my nurse. Bless you!


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