Sunday, April 17, 2011

More National

(This is part four of my blah blah blah, part one starts HERE)

I can't remember Wednesday.

I know I was feeling MUCH better. I'm pretty sure it was Wednesday night that we went out with a great fun group of old and new friends. How embarrassing. I picked the restaurant from an ad I had seen on a plane. It got great reviews. It was hideously, obscenely overpriced and the food was sort of okay, but that was stretching it. At least Chris's dogs got good bait for the rest of the week. Of course that meant that Chris didn't get dinner.

We said goodbye to Laurie and Rivet and Simmer which made me very sad. (At least I know I'll get to see her soonish when Swede William and Simmer get to MAKE BABIES!)

Winner's Dog at the National with his generous Canadian Breeder/Owner. Isn't he gorgeous? Photo by Lisa, Queen of Sweden

I know we watched Winners Dog because I LOVED him and it was the Canadienne who offered me her skirt when I forgot all my clothes (the year Carolyn and Giacomino died and my sister got diagnosed with ovarian cancer) and she will ever after think of me as the Butt Sweats Queen, though I did not borrow her skirt. Because I was afraid I would have the Butt Sweats in it.

I also LOVED the puppy who had won the 6 - 9 months class. And that was extra fun because his mom is Lindy Loo's half sister!

I think that my puppies moved to Lee and Dee's room to keep Mia company on Tuesday night. Mia was very concerned that all her whippet buddies were having a party without her across the hall. She figured she didn't need to eat or sleep for fear of missing some fun. Mia is all about fun. So Jabber and Little Alison moved into Mia's digs and everyone was ever so happy. Only now Mia and Ali were too busy to eat. Porky Jabber cleaned up! I missed my Little Ones at bed time, but knew they were in great good hands and that this would be a great way to transition.

Miss Ali would go home with Lee and Dee and Mia after the National and I would cry, even though I would see her every day and knew she would be happy there. I'm not made for this breeder stuff. Oh put those Big Girl Panties back on you dolt!

Thursday was Mia's day to play! Dee had her in the perfect weight when we left for the National. Now she was a tad on the Twiggy side, but laws she is a beautiful girl even skinnified. She loves to show and she showed so well that she made it down to the very last cut in her 9 - 12 months puppy bitches class. Oh this was exciting!

Mia on the table - photo by Lisa, Queen of Sweden

The judge was making her final decision. She pulled Mia out to move with another puppy! Mia would start out behind the other puppy and then half way around we were to switch, so that Mia would be in front. Mia moves like silk in a breeze.

Only when she passed the other puppy, all those days of being cooped up in the hotel came bubbling to the surface. "WOOPEEEEEE!!! I'm WINNING," shouted Mia! Only she can't shout, but she can LEAP for JOY, throwing caution, propriety, and her tail to the wind! WHEEEEEE!!!

So that was the end of that, but we were still very proud and thrilled that Mia finished sixth in her class of exceptionally lovely whippet puppies! What a good, good girl!

After feeding and walking the waggle, we celebrated by settling in to watch the exciting Top Twenty competition. Handlers and judges in sequins and tuxedos, the top whippets in the Nation would compete and we would get to watch. Soon I felt a concerned tap on my shoulder.

"Can you come right away? We need a nurse. Our friend needs to go to the hospital."

to be continued... HERE

hug your hounds and your friends


  1. Francarrich from WWApril 17, 2011 at 12:12 PM

    Crikey, Patience, what more can happen on a simple trip to a dog show?

    Bet Mia enjoyed having friends to stay with her in her room!

  2. Mia's room sounds like it was lots of fun for the whippets. This is quite some adventure, Patience. Are all whippet shows full of such escapades?

  3. You are managing to make the terriers seem tame!

  4. It's a page turner I tell ya...Damn you P

  5. Aarrgghh! You can't leave us hanging like this, lol.

  6. I have to go to work tomorrow. No blogging for me, I'm sorry. Thank you all for your very kind words! They are much appreciated!

  7. This is a really interesting story. The Whippets are beautiful. I hope your sinus infection is healing. Take care of yourself. =D

  8. Patience
    That sounds like a most "exciting" twip. The bestest pawt of couwse is seeing so many gowgeous whippets and seeing hooman fwiends too.
    Is Teka awawe that Sweed Will Yum is going to have an affaiw???
    sheesh. She is going to go ballistic, hehehe
    smoochie kisses

  9. Hey - I am really glad to discover this. Good job!

  10. Chris might not have gotten dinner, but I have a great photo of that mountain size dessert Crystal ordered that is right in front of her. As I remember, she had a will of iron and didn't eat it. We had a great time and lots of laughs. Thanks so much for making us feel part of the group.

  11. LMAO! I had forgotten all about the butt sweats.. See - this is why it's good to have you back to blogging. Haha..



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