Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Many Benefits of Having Laurie as My Friend

Minnesooooooooota Laurie, that is. She just happens to be a talented photographer, as well as a kind, caring, understanding, funny, advice giving, dog training, always ready for a laugh or a hug friend. Oh I could go on forever but here's what I'm talking about today!

First, here's Laurie in a photo that her sister took. Laurie's on the left, then goofy me, then Laurie's 89 year old dad with whom I'm a little bit in love, watch out Bill! then Crystal who went with me to Minnesota (and to Sweden a couple of years ago if she looks familiar) and who was trying to snag Mr. Erickson with her blond hair and blue eyes and I had MY green eyes on her yes I did!

I digressed.

So, Laurie is this fantastic photographer. I get awesome show photos.

(Okay, if you look carefully, I'm trying to be a real pro by tossing the liver and catching it. But notice how the liver is bouncing off my wrist and will soon hit the ground? Yeah, I'm cool!!!)

Lindy Loo looking glamorous!

But then there are the candids. Oh my heart! Absolute TREASURES, and there are tons more. It's impossible to choose which to share so I just randomly picked some.

Sweet essence of Sam I Am

Mia - Oh breath-taking!

Swede William and Sam - pure art

More art - Lindy Loo in the sunshine
But then...
there's the risk ... well, remember how your mother told you if you made a face it might stick like that forever?

Oh boy!!!

I sure am lucky. And she did formal portraits, too. Wait til you see them!!!
hug your friends and your hounds


  1. You forgot NICE. No adjectives or superlatives needed. Laurie is just nice in every possible way.

  2. OK, Blogger is phooey. Just wanted to say we like the photos.


  3. Oh my gosh, Patience, what beautiful candids! I think my very favourite is Sweet Essence of Sam I Am, though allof the ones of the dogs (heheheheh - not of your face sticking like that!) are amazing!
    Laurie sounds like a very special person - and she is certainly a very special photographer.

  4. I also am so very grateful too the very talented Laurie. Because of Laurie I have Early photos of our Halmarque Whippets from MN. So very precious to me! (I'm from MN but retired to SC. five years ago.)
    Recently August 10th I lost my old sweet Sara 16 1/2, and Murphy in 2008 at 14. My most precious loves.

    (I painted the small watercolor Maria and Giacomino for you last year.) xxooo!

  5. Beautiful dogs, beautiful photos (Even the one where you're making faces.) :-)

  6. So nice to see Laurie on the other side of the camera....
    Beautiful pictures, just wonderful.


  7. What awesome photos! Laurie is a genius!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  8. Love these - the candids are wonderful - and of course, the "faces" made me laugh! ....

  9. Love these - the candids are wonderful - and of course, the "faces" made me laugh! ....

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  11. Funny!! I would never have noticed the bouncing liver and would have simply been in awe of you showing your own beautiful hounds!

  12. Laurie is a gem. Well of course you are too! Loved the photo of you all with Laurie's dad! R

  13. Beautiful pictures, beautiful dogs. (And the people aren't bad either! :)

  14. Oh how I'd love to have a real photographer spend one weekend with my dogs. I'd so love to have really nice portraits of them. Yours are wonderful.

  15. Beautiful shots of your dogs, and no my mother never said that -maybe she was a funny lady like you are:)

    Rooting for your trailer, you are right, it's painful to leave anyone home when you're off to the shows!

  16. Love the photos, both dog and human! That one of Sam I Am is much feeling and sweetness there.

  17. Haven't heard from you for a bit, so know you are BUSY.

    Sending encouragement for all you do and gentle hugs prn.

    Kathy and Flynn

  18. The pictures are very nice and so funny.


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