Thursday, August 5, 2010

Blah Blah blog

Lordy I am hopeless. I just can't write to save my soul. I'm just going to blah blah blog what's been going on.

Lee and Dee were supposed to get a Swede William / Lindy Loo puppy. Actually they were supposed to get two Swede William / Lindy Loo puppies. Only Lindy Loo was in season while my sister was dying and I was driving back and forth to Toledo, Ohio, and Lindly Loo's season was short and she told Swede William if he got that THING anywhere near her Special Place, she would bite off his right front leg.

At the elbow.

Completely. And his name from that day on would be Stumpy.

So there weren't any Swede William / Lindy Loo puppies. "That's okay," said Lee and Dee. "We'll wait."

Only then their last sweet German Shepherd passed away from old age cancer and they didn't have a dog at all. That is not an acceptable way to live, as we all know, so I set about finding them a whippet.

Long story short, some good people had a litter of pups. I always loved the people and I loved their dogs. And this particular litter, well the mom's great grandmom was the mom of my very first whippet, Gracious. And the dad's grandpop is Sammy's grandpop!!! How amazing is that!!!!

Angie and Robin let Mia come home to Lee and Dee's house which is two blocks from ours. But the night that Mia came home, Swede William and Lindy Loo started hacking. And snorking. They got some respiratory bug at a show (I guess). So Mia couldn't come to my house and I couldn't take any whippets to see her. Ended up five of my eight got sick. I am ONE BIG MESS when my dogs are sick. ONE BIG HUGE MESS. They're on doxycycline and cough medicine and I feel like typhoid (gack cough) Patience. The vet said that my house will be safe after the last dog hasn't coughed for a week, and that the individual dogs are safe from being contagious after they haven't coughed for a week.

Lindy Loo and Swede William haven't coughed since Sunday, so they're safe Saturday. (Really they only snorked once when they got up Saturday morning, but I'm being careful.) Sammy hasn't coughed once today, and neither have Easy or Luciano.

It's been hellish.

But I did shower and put on shoes that haven't been worn and clean clothes and sneak over to see her a couple times. I'll get to show her and do agility with her and I cannot WAIT til she has a little Swede William / Lindy Loo best buddy to snuggle with.

Until then, Lee and Dee are doing a fine job!

hug your puppies!


  1. Breathe! Just breathe! ;0

    Mia is beautiful! What a wonderfully colored coat. I look forward to hearing how Lindy Loo and Swede William react to her.

    Best wishes,


  2. Of course they're doing fine! They are in the "honeymoon" period. Just wait until she is big enough to reach the counters :)

    Linda Z

  3. awwwwwwww. I want one too, I always do when I see a puppy! Congrats to Lee and Dee on refusing to remain dogless.

    Gosh it must be terrible and scary when so many of your dogs get sick at the same time, but it sounds like things are well under control: I hope they continue to improve.

  4. Francarrich from WWAugust 5, 2010 at 6:36 PM

    I like her little brindle "bum patches", she's a little sweetie. I'm sure they will all be very happy together, especially if William & Lindy Loo get it together later in the year & Mia has a little sister or brother.

    Maybe Lindy Loo's season was all up the creek 'cos you were fraying at the edges at that time? Normally she & William are best buddies, aren't they?

    Hope the coughing dogs are feeling better soon & you can stop worrying about them all.

    Best wishes,

    Wags to the waggle from Banjo & Aida.

  5. What gorgeous markings! She's going to be a real eye catcher. Sorry to hear about the respiratory crud. No fun.

  6. nice post and nice video! hugging my pooches right now!

  7. Martha, P-Doggy and CheAugust 7, 2010 at 1:28 PM

    She looks like she is wearing a shawl! Puppies!! LOVE LOVE LOVE PUPPIES!!!!

  8. How sweet the laughter!!! Just watching a puppy is such fun, but then you hear another human laughing and you realize that you are not alone with the enjoyment!!

  9. How sweet the laughter!!! Just watching a puppy is such fun, but then you hear another human laughing and you realize that you are not alone with the enjoyment!!

  10. What a wonderful story! The joy just spilled off my screen and all over my room. Ah, puppy love at its best.


  11. And she's already the best dressed pup in Paducah :)


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