Friday, July 2, 2010

Fat Charlie the Archangel

Around two or three years ago, I noticed a half-pea sized growth that showed up over night on Fat Charlie's hiney hole. I freaked. Ran him in to Ol' Poke n Stick, certain it was some hideous rectal cancer. Doc looked at me like, "Get out of here, you're not really an RN, are you???" but said, kindly, "Why that's just nothin' but a little polyp." I tried to save face by explaining that I didn't think humans got polyps on the outside of their hiney holes, and if they did I for sure had never seen one, but anyway I was so mightily relieved that nothing else mattered.

We named Fat Charlie's polyp his 'butt bump' and it has slowly grown to the size of a large marble (for those of you who are old enough to know how big a large marble is - about an inch in diameter for the sake of the younger readers). It sticks out from under his tail and shocks visitors for a moment until we explain, but it hasn't caused any harm.

Now, last week I noticed a spot on Fat Charlie's leg. It looked like a Bad Spot and I didn't like it. I decided on Wednesday that I would call the vet on Thursday (from work) for an appointment Friday. I left for work Thursday morning. Charlie's butt bump was pink as usual and the Bad Spot looked not as bad, but I fully intended to make an appointment for Friday during my lunch break.

I forgot. Work was crazy busy.

When I got home to the insanity of eight whippets who have wondered all day if I had gotten lost or eaten, I remembered that I forgot. Then I saw Fat Charlie's butt bump: it wasn't pink. It was purple/black.

Rats. My wonderful vets worked Fat Charlie in this morning.

They would have removed them both today, only Charlie had already eaten his breakfast. Cheerios, Total, and a sprinkling of Grapenuts with Organic Fat Free Milk and Organic Lowfat Yogurt. He'll have to go back in first thing Monday morning, with an empty tummy. He's a great good sport and doesn't pant or shake at the vet's. He looks at me and looks at the door: "Let's go now, why don't we?" But he kisses the sweet tech and even Ol' Poke n Stick and Baby Doc too.

Then something remarkable happened. I was back out front, paying for the meds, and the radio that is always on in their office played an old song. You know, the theme song for Gray's Anatomy (I think, I never watched it), "Chasing Cars"?
It was the song I used for Very Old Dog's tribute. I was writing the check, blab, blab, blabbing as usual and then boom I was soaking wet sobbing. Well, what do you do when you hear these lyrics piping right into your heart?
"I need your grace to remind me to find my own. If you lay here, if you just lay here, I can lie with you and just forget the world."
Oh I sobbed Fat Charlie out to the van, where the rest of the waggle waited and we beat feet out to the Kennel Club property. They ran and soaked up the gorgeous morning, I mowed and fixed the fence, and appreciated each of them.
And then I lay there. I just lay there with them and just forgot the world
hug your hounds


  1. Darn! Here I am crying at work again. I so hope FC's butt bump and leg bump are nothing to worry over. I must say laying on warm green grass with my whippets sounds like heaven just now.


  2. I hope all bumps are removed fast and problem free come Monday. Sounds like the day ended better than it started! <3


  3. I cry so easily these days..and this was no different..I hope fat Charlie's bump is just that..and it gets removed on monday with no pain or and kiss your hounds for me

    I kiss my darling Asta who patiently sits with me when I'm too depressed to move
    Ami and Asta

  4. Hugs for you and Fat Charlie.

  5. Kisses and hugs for you, FC and all the whippets. We will get muzzer to say a prayer, and we will keep paws crossed (except for chasing sqrrrrls.)

    Nobody can make us leaky like you can.

    Gussie n teka

  6. Right after Giacomino passed I was at our Vet with Sara who is almost 17 now, and up came that song in their office.
    I had the same reaction you did,
    I'll always think of your dear boy
    and your beautiful tribute.

  7. Sweet Patience - your tenderness is known from deep inside those lovely hearts that wait so anxiously for you every day, whether earth bound or running though the fields of gold. Worry not, for they all see beyond the tears and know only love.

  8. Could not have said it any better than TACMAC.

    We wait with you....

    Kathy and Flynn

  9. I hope the buttbumps turn out to be as harmless and as easy to remove as my Oliver's were.

    And I ditto what Tacmac said so beautifully.

  10. Francarrich from WWJuly 5, 2010 at 7:21 AM

    It's Monday here, Patience & I'm keeping fingers crossed that Fat Charlie's op goes quickly & easily with the perfect outcome - well those lumps come out straight away!
    I'll be watching for your next post telling us that all is well.
    Banjo & Aida send wags, licks & snuffles to Charlie to cheer him up when he gets home from Ole Poke 'n Stick's place.

    Carol. x


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