Thursday, July 22, 2010


I can't remember if Barry found my blog first, or if I found his. But the very first time I read what Barry wrote, I respected him.

And the more I read, the more I respected Barry the writer, Barry the gentleman. He had a wonderful outlook, a delightful gift of story telling, a fun sense of humor. In every post I felt how deeply Barry loved his wife Linda. I shared his walks with his exploring buddy Lindsay the English Springer Spaniel. I enjoyed his wonderful Canada through his eyes and heart.

I made friends through Barry's blog. Kerry, and Kat. Laurie, Bagman, and Patty. And I felt so close to Barry.

When he wrote that he had been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer I cried. I cried to Bill. I had read so many of Barry's posts to Bill. Barry blogged through his diagnosis and treatment, sharing his personal journey. With the courage and honesty and humor that was Barry.

I worked on Wednesday - gosh that was just yesterday. I did check my email before falling into bed. There was a forewarded message from Bill's address:

Dr. Renzulli,

I am sorry to go through you – but this is the only way I knew to get a note to Patience. I read her blog often….starting with the ice storm. I am from Paducah so her entries often strike a wonderful chord or two. Through her blog I found another blog by Barry Fraser. (I watched as the Waggles rang bells for Barry). Barry was such an inspiration and entertaining at the same time. But, sadly, I wanted to let her know that Barry passed away on Tuesday.

Bloggers and email friends become close like pen pals of old. Strange as it may seem it IS a small world after all.

Kind regards,


Thank you, Carolyn.

I cried. I cried for my loss, but mostly I cried for Barry's dear wife and for his dog. I wanted to write something worthy of Barry, but of course I can't. What I can do is invite you to spend some time in a wonderful place and get to know a hero.

Go there and pick any post. I hope that blog is up forever. It is the best testament to a great human being. A wonderful man.

hug your hounds, and send a prayer out for a spaniel in Canada who's lost her buddy, and to a wife who has had to let go of her hero


  1. Thank you for this tribute to Barry, Patience. I have been following Barry's blog for a couple of years also, for I loved his wit, his positive outlook, his beautiful way of telling a story so that the reader is right there with him. I feel I have met Barry and Linda and Lindsay, even though we are thousands of miles apart geographically. The world has lost an amazing man, but his spirit lives on in his blog. I know I will be going back to read some of his entries again and again.

  2. Thank you Patience. This is a lovely reflection on Barry's blog entries. We will be sharing blog comments with our family and friends at Barry's memorial next Friday. My daughters and I are finding great comfort in the messages posted these past two days. Love and peace.

  3. Patience, I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. The journey that he and your sister walked is a difficult one. It is a journey that takes the loved ones along for the ride. Peace to you and the others that loved this man -

  4. We are so sorry, Patience.
    We never knew Barry but if he was your friend then he had to be a wonderful person!
    What a lovely tribute post.

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. A great soul and a good observer and writer, like yourself. No wonder you bonded. I'm so sorry for your (and Linda's) loss, Patience.

  6. Aww Patience, I thought I might be done crying, but here I am, eyes full of tears all over again. This is a beautiful tribute, every word of it.

  7. I too have read been a reader of Barry's blog. My heart dropped when I read of his passing. Your tribute is lovely.

  8. I read Barry's blog - and read about the bells. While some days I believe the internet de-personalizes us to a point, I also believe it brings us closer, and allows us to experience the lives of others in a unique fashion.
    Thank you Patience for sharing about Barry, and God Speed Barry.


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