Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Hallelujahs

Someone is trying to tell me something.

Last Sunday I was a big jumble of raw emotions as I walked the dogs on my final Sunday of life before returning to hospital nursing. I was excited, nervous, frightened, grateful, reticent, eager, worried. The old dogs go around one block, maybe two since Mama Pajama is doing so well and the weather is just right.

These old dogs: Fat Charlie, Mama Pajama, and Easy. In their eyes are twelve golden, magical years of my life. Of long trips with heart friends, of thrilling runs, breath-stealing sorrows, of laughing so hard that soda shoots out of your nose, of soaking toes, wrapping feet, of pride, of couch piles with me on the bottom. Of children growing up and moving out. Of grandbabies born. In Easy's eyes are my late friend Carolyn's voice and laughter. Her "Oh gawsh!" Greg's jokes. And Spice. I always see Spice in Easy's eyes.

As we walked last Sunday, I heard music coming from the Presbyterian church. It was in the afternoon; long past Sunday service. I deviated from the old dogs' normal route - much to their delight - and turned right, to hear more.

Oh! I thought it was a recording of Handel's Messiah. But it was (I think) The Paducah Symphony Orchestra Choir rehearsing. All of the windows were open. The old dogs and I stopped on the sidewalk just outside those windows. All three dogs pricked their ears and tilted their heads, listening.

It was such beautiful music. The voices didn't strain, they gloried. We walked in the grass around the church. I couldn't bear to walk away. That music gave me a sense that it would all be okay.

And then the week of reality hit me. I forgot.

This morning I headed off to blog land to play some catch up. The first blog I came to with my coffee and my sleepy breakfasted dogs was a new one I just started following last week. I don't know the blogger well yet. She's in Australia and it's hot there. She posted a video of k d lang singing Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. (Do click on that link. Do!)

I sat weeping.

I spent the next hour listening to all different versions on Youtube. Here is one for you.

I have read your generous comments, and I thank you. November 18th was the one year anniversary of Maria's death. This awful year of loss. I pronounce that year OVER.

Say Hallelujah!

I pronounce that year OVER.

Sing Hallelujah!

I pronounce that year OVER.


hug your howling hounds - we're having a good one here!


  1. That was beautiful Patience. The poodles thank you for the hugging suggestion.

  2. First - I saw your comment - *smiling*!

    Next, that second version of Hallelujah is one of my favorites - what voices to come out of those guys - I was going to say "boys" they look so young...beautiful

  3. Martha and P-Doggy(& Che)November 22, 2009 at 12:47 PM

    Aw,dear P,ya made me teary again! What a year it has been for you,dear one. Shocking to think it has been a year since Maria left..seems like she was just picking prizes for you! Where does the time go..faster and faster each day,or so it seems..take care and happy Sunday to all.

  4. We love those moments you describe when music suddenly pours from open windows and captures your imagination.

    Today, the hallelujahs accompanied Ms. Snickers over the Bridge, don't you think?

    Wirey love to the working girl and her human and canine family!!

    Jake and Just Harry

  5. What a beautiful post, Patience!
    Say Hallelujah!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. wonderful, beautiful, other words, what we have come to expect from you. Thank you for giving us something to smile about...

    gussie and muzzer

  7. G'day ...I'm so happy that song touched your heart. xxx

  8. Hugs to you and the ol' guys. I miss mine so.

    I recently discovered these "kids" on YouTube that touch my heart -- (singing Mr. Sandman). They do ALL over the own music (harmonies, etc) via overlays. I am amazed. They make my feet tap.

  9. You brought a smile. And a sense of glory and peace. We'd like to think that the chorus was perhaps also welcoming our sweet friend Snickers over the Bridge. She is a Gift to Heaven, just as You and your gaggle are a Gift to us.

    Jake and Fergi

  10. Francarrich from WWNovember 23, 2009 at 1:21 AM

    Maybe you will be able to attend the performance that the choir were rehearsing for & get to enjoy the splendour of the whole thing. A concert hall performance is never quite the same as in a church or cathedral, somehow the atmosphere is lacking, although it is usually warmer LOL. The best one I attended was when my son sang in the chorus at Winchester Cathedral back in 1988. (After I was 40 - see what I mean?) I usually play this & "For Unto Us A Child Is Born" on Christmas morning, what a musical start to the day!

    Enjoy a year of hope & expectation Patience, I'm sure you'll make it a good one.

    Best wishes,

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  12. Oh wonderful!! The last few years really have been something.


  13. Happy Thanksgiving! Our Fall harvest being much earlier than yours (given our shorter growing season), we celebrated our Thanksgiving a month ago.

    Now we can only dream of turkey.

  14. Have you seen the various versions with men dressed as nuns, holding up cards with the words written on them? They're both touching and hysterically funny all at the same time :)

  15. Hope your Thanksgiving was bountiful and beautiful!
    Jake and Fergi xxoo

  16. Ah Patience, great minds in the same track. Recently I've been searching for different versions of Cohen's Halleuia. I though Rufus Wainwright's was the best and then you share k.d. lang's. She deserved that extended ovation.

    And you've brought back memories of over 30 years ago--performing the Messiah with the Morehead Methodist Church choir. Where did that true soprano voice go?

    Good luck with your new work adventure--hope this weekend it's a calm before the storm.

  17. So thankful for the gifts of song and music and the voices that carry a message as well as a tune.

    Thank you for your wonderful words.

    May there always be a hallelujah each time we find that we need one...

    Kathy and Flynn


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