Monday, November 2, 2009

Pretty, lots of pretty

Gray southwest sky... watercolor...4x6"...$60.00
First, I've fallen behind (imagine! me???) in posting Bill's 'shameless sales pitches'. So here are his last two weeks' offerings.

Forlorn..watercolor...6x9”...$100 SOLD

Fresh Produce...watercolor...4x7"...$70 SOLD, too!!

West Kentucky Landscape... watercolor...5x9"...$100
As always, you can email Bill if you are interested in any of the paintings, or if you want to be put on his Shameless Mailing List.

This morning when I walked the dogs it was so pretty out. I was rather weepy and I'm not at all sure why. The sheer beauty of the day could have made me happy weepy - the sky like the one in the painting above, only without a single cloud. The temperature so perfect that I was able to take Mama Pajama, Easy, and Fat Charlie (the 12 year olds) around two blocks instead of one.

Maybe because Mama Pajama, diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis last month, has had three good days in a row! She's enjoying her buckwheat pancakes and last night she wolfed down her boiled turkey cutlets, pancakes, and broccoli. She does whippet spins when she goes out at night and smiles and wags and oh my heart!

Maybe it was the part of the walk with Sam, Lindy Loo, and Swede William down town. The only block in Paducah with out trees, the back of a bank parking lot on one side and a row of empty old warehouses, the empty old Catholic school, and the health food store on the other. That one block where I can relax - no squirrels to be found.

Until this morning. Out from between two cars in the parking lot bolts a Stoooopid City Squirrel, not ten feet in front of us. My leashes are five feet long; you can do the math. WeeeeeHaaaaaaaa! He could have stayed where he was. He could have gone north, south, or east, but noooooooo, he heads west, right in our path and darts across the road, the whippets in hot pursuit. Who needs coffee after an adrenalin rush like that?

(Well, I do. I'm on cup # 3.) So I can't explain my fragility. The fact that it's November? The beauty of a blog friend's brand new perfect granddaughter? My conversations with my brave sister? Overwhelming gratitude I feel for reconnecting with a treasured old friend? Realizing my great good fortune at the people who are willing to put up with my nonsense?

The fact that I have to clean the house from stem to stern? (Heh, heh, heh.)

Who knows. But weepy or not, it's a great day to be alive. And Mama Pajama is having a dream of chasing a stinkin' squirrel, barking, running and wagging away in her sleep. Go Mama! She can still fly in her dreams.

hug your hounds


  1. Patience, it's okay to be weepy. Tears are like (salty) water that cleans the soul! Have a great weepy day:)

  2. Well, now I'm weepy too - it is so good to hear of Mama Pajama's hearty appetite and whippet spins! And I felt that adrenalin rush when the whippets on their five-foot leashes came face-to-face with Stooopid City Squirrel.

    Thanks for the morning lump-in-the-throat, tears-in-the-eyes entry. It is truly a beautiful world even when we are fragile and weepy. Hugs to you and the Waggle (oh, and Bill too - the simplicity and colours of his paintings always, always cause me to breathe a sigh of contentment. I am a big Bill fan, even if I have no more space on my walls right now!).

  3. Thanks, Jeanette! My soul could use a good cleaning right along with my house. :-)

    Jean - your kind words always make me smile. How do I thank you for that? I hope someday we can meet in real life, but I'm glad to know you in blogland in the mean time.

  4. Patience ~ I would almost cry too when Gracie was feeling good and doing zoomies. It just does your heart Good!

    And I love Bill's art. I can't afford art right now, but someday!


  5. During our week in Galveston, I was on the edge of tears every time I saw new evidence of the bravery and generosity and compassion for one's neighbors permeating the City and seeming to emanate from the very bricks and cobblestones.

    Weepy makes perfect sense when we feel the vulnerability all around us.

    Or as Jakey would say, Woof!

  6. Woof is right. We are sending great thoughts to the city squirrel, who has almost certainly learned that whippets are to be avoided. Muzzer says she does not need aerobics at this time of year, the squirrels take care of providing it.


  7. Mommi gets weepy fwom booty, fwom sadn things and happy things..some days awe just like that. She loves youw bill's vision and the way he is able to shawe it wif us....thank you fow shawing..if only we had.....
    Mama Pajama makes us smile as well as the image of you getting pulled down the stweet in hot puwsuit of the stoopid city squiwwel
    smoochie kisses

  8. Poor you and Mama Pajama! Gordy had pancreatitis three years ago. I got so very tired of steaming chicken breasts and yams and putting that with yogurt down for his food. He ate better than the humans here do. Had to do this for three months. Vet suggested gradually at the end of that time transitioning to Natural Balance Duck and Potato. Very thankfully he has had no problems since then.

  9. Such a thoughtful post..... There is swuch beauty this time of year and such power in contentment in the joy of what is to be3 enjoyed moment to moment.

    However, I keep debating... Does the health benefit of squirrel sprints outweigh the shock to the system of squirrel discovery and the gasp that follows?


  10. Sue- yes I know that you know *just* how it feels when Mama is zoomie. When you're ready for a Bill painting he'll be here! In the meantime, you can enjoy them on both of our blogs :-)

    Joan (and Jake and Just Harry, too)- I can't imagine the feelings conjured by all the spirit of Galveston! You put it so well; I hadn't thought of it that way, and you nailed it.

    Gussie! we don't call them STOOPID city squirrels for nuttin!!! I'll be looking for this one: he's got a white patch on his back. Stinker.

    Hi sweet Asta- we LOVE your Mommi's artwork too! Love, love, love it! Thanks for understanding.

  11. Martina - I haven't tried yogurt for Mama yet. Thanks for the idea. I'm glad to hear that Gordy got better! Yay!

    Kathy, I've had so many squirrel, cat, & loose dog shocks here in Paducah, and before that deer, groundhog, fox, bunnies and squirrels by the bazillions shocks, NO WONDER MY HAIR IS SILVER AND I'M A LITTLE JUMPY!!! Lordy be!

  12. We're so glad for happy news about Mama. And pretty pictures from Bill as always.


  13. I like Mama Pajama's diet! It would make me spin and weepy too... have a wonderful day xoxoxo

  14. The paintings are lovely! Thinking of clear blue skies make me weepy too. It has been raining a lot lately.

    LS said she has enjoyed reading this post, it puts her in a pensive mood, but good pensive, not bad pensive.

  15. Anie - Mama P say hi!

    Ina, I've been sharing a little of Mama Pajama's dinner. It's surprising how well steamed broccoli goes with buckwheat pancakes! But the vet said no more dogfood for her ever.

    Thanks, Happy. Seems like everyone everywhere has had more than their share of rain lately! Hoping for *happy* sunny blue skies for you!

  16. Thank you for stopping by my blog and saying such sweet things :)

    I just read this post (will go back and read some more later on, have to write some reports, darn work lol) and it just about broke my heart to hear Mama Pajama (love the name) diagnosis!! But hearing her do well def is wonderful!!! Lots of hugs to you!!!

  17. Oh Patience, I really do just love you.

  18. No they can't take that away from us, Patience.

    In our dreams we can all fly.

  19. Anne-Kathrine, thank you for returning the favor and for the hugs.

    Kerry - it's always a wonderful day when you hear those words! Thank you.

    Ahhhhh, Barry, please walk over to Linda and ask her to give you a long gentle hug for me, and then ask Lindsay to give you a nose dab from all of us.

  20. Dear,dear Mama! Keep on zoomin'! We love YOUR mama,too (aka the Humble Servant)! Beautiful art,Bill-best wishes to the "other Martha-and dear P,I can and do cry at horse races! Teary is good,most of the time,as long as not constant!

  21. You wrote: "I once wrote a poem about a brand new grandbaby smelling just right and a faraway gramma's empty useless arms."

    Oh, would love to read that....

    I've been a little down, but I know what it is - there are two times a year I get this way -- On my brother's birthday in August, and then, November 6-the anniversary of his death. For some reason, his birthday is harder than his death day.

    But, this year, yes, my little beautiful granddaughter makes things easier to bear. A life emerging helps me not think o fthe life we lost 15 years ago (15?! someone may say, but it never goes away - not when it is a loved one...)

    Your blog is so poignant and lovely today -- *smiling*

    And I can't wait to read your book - I'm going to read it next! :)

  22. Moma had to refresh her wine. She's made it to November! If she only meets one goal this weekend, this will be it, and it's wonderful.

    Weepy days? We think there's no need for an explanation. It's simply our fragility and emotionality making their way to the surface. A blessing of life. Of living.

    And flying in our dreams? There is nothing better. (But sadly sometimes those dreams come too infrequently.)

    Perhaps tonight,
    Jake and Fergi and Moma

  23. The "treasured old friend" feels overwhelming gratitude and gets weepy, too (assuming I'm the treasured old friend). :-)


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