Sunday, August 30, 2009

Limbo Land

If I were a dog I'd be good at this. Just living for the moment. But, as my many, many failings prove, I am not a dog.

[Hey! It's the Dog and Cat show on Prairie Home Companion right now!!!]

I'm waiting to hear my schedule from the hospital where I will be working. I only know that I won't be working on Monday (tomorrow), after that, it's any one's guess. I searched 'limbo' on youtube and came up with this:

I try to be of a generous nature. But, again I am not a dog, so I don't like what-his-name Hasselhoff, not one bit. In fact he makes me wish I hadn't just eaten. In some perverse twist of my psyche, I couldn't keep myself from playing this video for Bill. I posted it on my Facebook page. I kept the Youtube page up on my laptop in the kitchen and would click on it at will.

Bill and I started doing Hasselhoff Sexy Eyebrow Wiggles, and Come Hither Shoulder Jiggles at any opportunity.

Bill: Is the mail here yet?
Patience: Sexy Eyebrow Wiggle.

Patience: Should I pay the Discover Card bill, or did you?
Bill: Come Hither Shoulder Jiggles.

Bill expanded his repertoire to include the Hand To Ear Biceps Flex With Armpit Shot. That was my undoing. If Bill did a Sexy Eyebrow Wiggle, accompanied by a bonus Hand To Ear Biceps Flex With Armpit Shot, well, I would laugh so hard that I might, in theory, have to change my panties.

I've discovered that singing limbo songs - Chubby Checker does a mean Limbo Lower Now - is the best way to spend time in Limbo Land. Singing limbo songs is the second best mood elevator in the world. The first, of course, being watching whippets run. Or sleep. Or play. Or snuggle.

I can't share my whippets with y'all. So I shared the video. Hope it makes you smile. But don't view it on a full stomach.

And if you watch America's Got Talent, the whole time you're watching the above video, imagine three loud BUZZZZZZes and


I've written a short story that I'm nervously happy with. I'd like to share it here, but it's about 2500 words and I'm worried that it is too long for blog land. What do you think?

hugs to you and your hounds


  1. Patience
    Nothing you write is too long!
    Pleez show us!

    Give the waggle hooge smoochie kisses from Asta

  2. Completely NOT TOO LONG!

  3. I disagree, I think it is too long for one posting. Bloggers have a short time to spend on any given blog and I've noticed my readership declines rapidly if I post anything over 600 words.

    Are there any logical divisions that would allow it to be divided into 2 (or ideally 3) parts.

    If not, then just go for it. I'd rather have it in one posting than not to get to read it at all.

  4. Divide it in parts...keep the suspense going...

  5. Hahaha.. Great post! We're in the story-story-story mood, too! ;) Hope you get a schedule that works well for you. And kiss those whippets for me, will you?


  6. The Prairie Home Dog and Cat show made me cry last night! They didn't have to kill off the pig, did they??

  7. Post please.......Love A+A+PL2(who is also waiting for her schedule..grrr....

  8. One of our UK writers/blogger buddies did publish a link to a couple of chapters of a book she was writing, still in draft stage. She had questions about characters, setting as I remember. We could leave comments.

    As for Limbo David, let's all be grateful that he couldn't get out of that hammock very easily. Do you think he uses the same pickle juice on his face that is used in labs to preserve organs for research? Creep big time!

  9. Not too long! No. Not long enough? Or, about 200 tweets? Nah. Copyright it and then post it, so you can sell it later.

    muzzer is gone. Gotta go watch Teka and Willy


  10. You have the ability to make us want to read your stories!
    Kisses and hugs

  11. Catchy song!! (sexy eyebrow wriggle)...

  12. yes, give us the story!! I ALWAYs have time to read your blog!! Splitting it up is a good plan.... the suspense and all!
    I can just see you and Bill .... cracks me up!!

  13. Jake: Come hither shoulder jiggles.
    Fergi: We wanna read your story.
    Moma: (who is older than you) Please do post it.


  14. Yes, post it, post it in parts!!

  15. Story please!
    the cats on 6th, apt. C.

  16. I want to read it! And, if it has some natural "pauses," you could post it in parts. Exciting!

  17. We hope you have your schedule now, nobody likes the unknown. love the Hasselhoff bit and YES share teh story!!


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