Monday, August 17, 2009

For Ben: A Special Party

Once upon a time there was a very helpful little boy named Ben. Ben lived with his mommy Heather and his daddy Jason and his whippets, Edgar and Emmett.

One day, Emmett had a birthday! Ben, being a helpful little boy, suggested that Emmett and Emmett's sister Lindy Loo have a Pizza and Pupcakes Party. The big day arrived and Ben helped. He helped his mommy make the Pupcakes and he helped wrap the presents.

It was time! Patience came in the big Whippet Wagon with Lindy Loo. She brought even more presents. Emmett and Lindy Loo don't have thumbs, so it was up to helpful Ben to unwrap the gifts for his friends. Ben has thumbs. And a very cute tongue.

The Pupcakes were very fancy as you can see because Ben helped with the decorations.

Emmett got so excited about his first present - a squeaky stuffie birthday cake - that he got a little googly-eyed.

"Here you go, Mr. Googly-eyed Emmett," said helpful Ben, handing over the toy.

While Emmett enjoyed his gift, helpful Ben opened the next one, being as he still had his thumbs handy.

Emmett said, "Whoa, Ben! You ROCK!!! A squeaky duck for my birthday! Cool beans!"
Ben ducked, too.

"Woo-HOOOOOO!" said Emmett and his sister, Lindy Loo. "We love youooooooo, helpful Ben!"

Ben got right back to business and opened the next gift, ever so helpfully.

"Look, Daddy," said Ben. "It's a sock monkey lead. I like it!"

Then Ben's mommy lit the candles on the Pupcakes which Ben had helped to make and decorate. Ben helped the whippets contain themselves. It was pretty darn exciting, I tell you that!

Lindy Loo and Emmett had a terrible time making their lips blow, so Ben came to the rescue and helped blow out the candles.

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday dear Emmett and Lindy Loo.
Happy Birthday to you!
"Yayyyyyyyyy!" sang Ben, helping the grownups remember the words.

Ben helped put the Pupcakes on the plates for the whippets. Emmett did not need any help eating his!
Chomp, glomp, slurp, gulp!

Lindy Loo needed a little help eating hers, but Emmett had learned from Ben how to be helpful, so he pitched right in.

Then it was Ben's turn. He chose a beautiful Pupcake with green sprinkles.
It was delicious and a half!

Emmett and Lindy Loo say
Thank you helpful Ben for our BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!
We sure do love youooooooooooo!!
hug your hounds


  1. Too bad all our birthdays can't be this great. Mostly because the right people are not in charge--like helpful Ben! Can you not imagine how many years he'll remember this day when he helped the whippets party? This has the makings for a whippet short story, Patience.

  2. EVERY dog needs a helpful BEN. But unfortunately, they tend to grow up and aren't as helpful any more. Except for My Sissies, who will help with pressies and pupcakes any day.

    pee ess...Teka wants to know if she can be godmother when Willy yum gets preganant?

  3. What a wonder-filled post!

    Thanks for sharing your party with us.

    Sagehound wants the recipe for those pupcakes.

    Happy birthday to Roooooooo!

  4. Such a darling story Patience - thanks for sharing! You are sure lucky to have helpful Ben around:)

  5. Smiling!!! What a fun birthday party!

  6. Happy Birthday to Emmett and Lindy Loo! Can Ben come to our next party? It looks like he made it extra special fun! And... we've got a question. That sock monkey lead. Ummm. Do you know where we might get one for a very special whippet girl in our lives? Her mumzie is crazy about sock monkey, and we're sure Zoe would want to oblige and make Mumzie happy on their walks!

    Happy day!
    Jake and Fergi

  7. What a great story about a helpful boy and some very special whippets. My crew hope a helpful Ben will celebrate their gotcha days with them - he makes it all so much fun!
    Happy birthday Emmett and Lindy Loo!

  8. Well what a fabulous birthday had by all!! Love A+A

  9. What a fun birthday pawty! Thank you, Ben for being such a good helper!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  10. You are so lucky to have such a good helper.

  11. Adorable! Thanks for making my day with those pics, Miss Patience!

  12. Hey Patience! Just popped back over to invite you to participate in the August 24 Fun Monday meme which I'm hosting. The topic is "Back to School" to go along with this time of the year and schools' openings. The twist is, as an adult are you currently taking a class or learning a new skill that you'd like to share will other Fun Mondayers? Also, what are your thoughts on the value of lifelong learning?

    In your case, it could be what you're teaching--responsible "poopery", human education--the list goes on. If you'd like to participate just stop by my place and sign up.

  13. Hi,

    Belated happy birthday to the whippets. What a cute story. I so love ben for being helpful in preparing the whippets celebration. They all look a happy and wonderful family. For some Facebook fun tied to a feel-good cause to help dogs, check out Save a Dog:

    Thanks for the support. More power!


  14. A party fit for kings and queens.....Ben is adorable and growing up so fast! Thanks for sharing. r

  15. Ever so cute. Loved it. The pups and Ben had a great time!

  16. Big Boy Ben, Emmett and Lindy Loo are adorable! What a wonderful pupparty!


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