Sunday, February 15, 2009

PASTA! A home made recipe for fun

Assemble your ingredients:
1 generous portion of Grampa
1 dollop of Sparkling Daughter Amy
1 (and this is crucial, do NOT skimp on this particularly important ingredient) groovy grandson William
2 C unbleached flour
7 organic eggs

Now, let's get started!
Form two volcanoes of the flour.
Break your eggs into a bowl.

Pour the goopy eggs into the flour volcanoes.
Laugh when Grampa's volcano erupts, or, sort of leaks.

Give up on the whole mix with a fork thing, and get those hands involved!

Pasta making is NOT for the weak of heart!
(Or the weak of arms!)

Pasta making IS for Fat Charlie, Sam I Am and Swede William!

Stay neat and tidy at all times, and do NOT dissolve into fits of laughter, aimed exclusively at Grandpa and his pile of gooey, sticky, messy dough, when YOUR batch is working perfectly!

Help poor old weak Gramma. This dough is ornery!

Break into O! Sole Mio! Life is too good not to!
And get the "geetar" - Great Gramma's thingy that makes the flattened dough into linguine - ready for action.

We need Grampa muscles for this.

It's PASTA!!!! Only Three hours later! We are geniuses!

The sauce is smelling mighty good.


One more because they're just so cute!

The proof is in the mmmmmmmmmm!

Hug your hounds (and ALWAYS share the leftovers, and the plate/pan licking duties with them!)


  1. Love your writing, yes we do. So glad that you do this too!


  2. Hey, we watched our hoomans eat pasta at that very table, and admired the plates with whippets on them, and heard our mom say "may I have some more please," and enjoyed the laughter and fun and good conversation.

    Good memories.

    Jake and Just Harry

  3. Thanks, Patience, this was lovely. The picture of William Flournose with the big grin, could keep me happy all day and makes me wish I had a boy.


  4. That looks yummy! And it looks like you all had a wonderful time. good on ya!

  5. This pasta show was pawesome!
    Thanks for sharing it!
    Kisses and hugs

  6. A pawfect wecipe..the hooman pup and the whippets add that cewtain pawfection to the pasta.that .just can't be bought!
    It looks delish..if only we had a big enuff kitchen, sigh.....(did you see the bootiful whippets I saw at Westminstew?? awe you mad at me? I suwe hope not
    love and smoochie kisses

  7. OMG, that looks delicious!!!! And fun.

    You should see my boys when my hubby makes pie crust.

  8. That look delicious!!! and fun too!


  9. Mangia!!! That sauce looked just delicious and we could imagine its lovely aroma wafting from our computer.... what a fun family thing to do. The dogs looked ready to pounce if they had a chance.... big hugs from your hungry Alaskan readers of Italian descent..... PS the word volcano scares us right now..... :)

  10. You are geniuses!

    When are Linda and I invited over for dinner?

  11. my momma has never felt the need to make her own noodles...but i think she may try it much fun...and sharing the left overs is my favorite part of anything

  12. lots of fun, it looks like - but one has to know what you're supposed to do :) (so you wanna do it again!) anad it looks yummy!

  13. The best family times happen over flour!

  14. Wonderful photos! Kudos to all (inc helping whippets!) -looks like a great success!

  15. OMG, we'll be right over! Save us a plate, Patience! yummmmmmmmm

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  16. My Mom makes her own noodles and you may find them hanging all over the place sometimes! I sure wish my computer had a smell-o-vision attachment. It looks like a wonderful way to spend a few hours with family.


  17. That looks like it is fun (and delicious). The painting above the fireplace looks gorgeous too-love the colors.

  18. That looks way delicious! Much better than my whole wheat nonsense for sure ;) It sure looks a lot more fun too.


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