Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A little business

Anybody for a POOP calender?

I have loaded my eBay store with all sorts of fun goodies on sale this week. It's a Customer Appreciation Sale, and a Pay The Bills So I Can Keep Writing For Free on My Blog Sale.

Needlepointed eyeglass/cell phone cases

eBay's fees have risen exponentially, so instead of listing them as auctions, I listed them as low Buy It Now items in my store. I'm thinking of starting another blog to sell goodies from my A Dog In the Garden gift store, and say poop on eBay. Hmmmmm. We'll see.

A lavender wrist pad for your keyboard??? Tempting, yes? Mother's day?

And, I made an Etsy store for Bill's work. (My husband the artist.) His studio is bursting at the seams, and while some of his larger pieces go in the 'thank God we can pay the mortgage this month' range, he has all kinds of small originals that I have grabbed and put in his Etsy store (and slashed their prices). Plus I have uploaded the first of many of his limited edition prints, and more will follow.

A Berkshire Village 10" x 24"

Golden Landscape, matted 11" x 10"

Here are the links again:

my eBay store

Bill's Etsy store

hug your hounds and thanks for looking!


  1. We love a bargain and are going to look right now.

  2. Oooh, I can't wait to go check that etsy site. I love Bill's art (unfortunately my faves are in that mortgage category!) and will have to see what is up on there.

  3. ebay is getting pretty pricey all around, even to buy stuff people try to rip you off for shipping, yuck!

  4. Hi Patience,

    Koobie sent me over to visit. Looks like ya have a lot of stuff in the doggie department...any fox terrier stuff? Mom's always lookin for fox terrier stuff...she makes polymer clay wires but didn't have a good experience on eBay herself sellin them. We shall have to check back again.

    Asta Marie, WFT

  5. I hope you sell all you have in both sites!
    Kisses and hugs

  6. Please stop posting all these goodies. Now I've bought stuff for ME and the dogs. I'm supposed to be saving for the National!

  7. Wow...into dogs and a racehorse connection. My owner LOVES horse racing and her favorite was Xtra Heat. She was faster than a whippet and even beat the boys.

    My owner is also an artist and loves doing watercolors. We will check out Bill's site.

    We watch Turfway sometimes when there are big stakes races. Hey...did you see my blog a few days ago that was dedicated to Curlin? My mom was smart enough to pick him out when he was 2 yo!

    Big wags,
    Fenway the puppy!

  8. I visited both your's and your husband's sites...he is a very talented artist and I love your items. Do you ever make anything with a boxer or a chesepeake bay retriever?


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