Friday, April 25, 2008

Home Again

Just got home from a whirlwind trip from our home in western Kentucky to Eugene, Oregon and back. I was naked as could be, traveling without any dogs.

We had a scary emergency on Monday morning, so before I headed for the airport, Bill in his jammies drove Very Old Dog and me to the vet. I will write about that tonight. He is doing GREAT now.

The hot news which can't wait is that yesterday, Xela won another race at Keeneland!!!! Jake and Xela are two for two! This race was even harder (against faster horses) and he won AGAIN!!! Holy SCHMOLY!!!

Here he is after the race with my son of whom I am so PROUD!!!

You can really see how small Xela is in this photo. and he ran against the BIG BOYs yesterday and he beat them and how!

I'll be back with a story later tonight. Just couldn't WAIT for this news.
Hug your hounds and your horses and your kids and your sweet spouses and your friends and shoot, just hug everything that moves today!


  1. YES! Go Xela! And indeed Xela is small, but very gorgeous. :) Good things do come in small packages, whippet owners know this!!

    Glad you are home safe, hope you had fun, and very, very happy to hear Giacomino is better.

  2. Naked without dogs...I know the feeling, well.

    Congrats on your son's success!

  3. Yay for Xela!

    Hope everything is OK with Very Old Dog.

  4. Way to go Jake and Xela!! One of the sayings in my family(all of us short in stature)is "Dynamite comes in small packages"!
    Glad Giacomino is ok.
    Jamie& Sunny

  5. NO short jokes gets muzzer all upset. It must be the perspective or sumpin, but that dog your son is holding seems to have shrunk. too many baths. I keep tryin to splain that to muzzer too.

    kisses and congratulations, and very gentle pats to VOD


  6. Hey! You left without your present! Now I have to MAIL it. But I can give you play by play of the breed if you want.

  7. That is GREAT! I adore horses, I post pictures of mine often. Is Xela going for the roses? That would be so exciting!!!!

  8. Sure I hope Very Old Dog is well!
    Congratulations to your son and Xela!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. ntomyeah, Xela!! (Mom,would you tell Jake it is ok to smile now?) SO glad VOD is ok,and Xela doing so well..My NSH is the same color as Xela,too! Martha,Phantom AND Checkers

  10. WOAH congrats to Xela for winning again!!! how exciting!!!

  11. Way to go Jake and Xela!


  12. naked just sums it up. so glad the old fella is ok. that horse shines! whenever i go racing i bet on the horses with the best coats and it always pays for my day out!


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