Wednesday, December 1, 2021

I am a Sarafina Certified Instructor. I teach needle felting!


I have been teaching needle felting workshops at #EphemeraPaducah for several years, and now I'm bona fide certified! I love needle felting and I love to teach and I love most of all seeing people's faces light up when they see what they can create. 
To sign up for a workshop in #EphemeraPaducah's fantastic space, where you will also find all the supplies you need to get you started, go to the fantastic Ephemera Paducah website and sign up for the mailing list.
For private or private event instruction (now that's a fun party idea) email me or message me on Facebook. Honest, I am the only Patience Coale Renzulli on Facebook. Sometimes having an unusual name pays off!
Now I'm just going to plop in a bunch of photos of fun things I've made. 

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