Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Needle felting class at Ephemera Paducah 12-11-21

 It was the morning after a tornado leveled the town of Mayfield, KY, just 27 miles to our south. One dear soul who had signed up for the workshop had been up all night helping family, so of course he got a full refund. The rest of us said prayers and acknowledged our gratitude at being able to come together. 

We had a class of ten, five of whom had never touched a felting needle. The workshop room at #EphemeraPaducah is magic. A projector system allows participants to see the finest detail of what the instructor is doing. Hostess Kristin Williams recognizes that chocolate is an art supply and has plenty on hand. We did require vaccination cards and we masked. 

I wanted a project that would teach technique to the experienced felters, but wouldn’t overwhelm the beginners. No small task, so I chose three! We would make Christmas ornaments starting with the easiest, a little gnome, and building on what we learned from that to make a little penguin, and finishing with a cat. 

Practicing the gnome and penguin

My first attempt at a kitty ornament
After a lot of practice

A lot of practice!

I was delighted with the results! It was a LOT for us to do between 10 AM and 4:30 PM. We finished at 4:28, with some homework to do. And look what they made! I love teaching and these fun ladies made it easy and a joy. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

I am a Sarafina Certified Instructor. I teach needle felting!


I have been teaching needle felting workshops at #EphemeraPaducah for several years, and now I'm bona fide certified! I love needle felting and I love to teach and I love most of all seeing people's faces light up when they see what they can create. 
To sign up for a workshop in #EphemeraPaducah's fantastic space, where you will also find all the supplies you need to get you started, go to the fantastic Ephemera Paducah website and sign up for the mailing list.
For private or private event instruction (now that's a fun party idea) email me or message me on Facebook. Honest, I am the only Patience Coale Renzulli on Facebook. Sometimes having an unusual name pays off!
Now I'm just going to plop in a bunch of photos of fun things I've made.