Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Everybody Loved Jessie

Jessie was one of the most beautiful dogs I've ever known or seen.
She did amazing things in the show ring. 

She was from a magical litter. Jessie, Breezy, Colby, Mollie, Emma, Fat Charlie, and Mama Pajama.
 I don't know another litter that has brought their owners more joy. 
(I agree. All dogs bring infinite gifts, when allowed, to their owners.)
But please permit me the luxury of saying that this particular litter was magical.

Linda took Jessie visiting at Johns Hopkins, NIH, and more. She went to see Roger Caras when he was in the hospital, and he said, "Have you come to see me, my beauty?"

Because the Willow Award was named for Jessie's half sister housemate, Jessie could never be nominated for the Therapy Dog of the Year. But I can tell you right now there are angels returning her love. 
So many did she comfort quietly.
Linda took her beautiful dog and brightened folks' days, warmed their hearts, made them smile, let them forget for a while.

If a patient was too fragile to have a dog on the bed, Linda would put a sheepskin on the over bed table. You know, the thing they put the meal trays on. And Jessie would lie there while the table was being rolled over to where the patient could reach her.
That kind of dog.

Before the litter was even conceived, Terrie and I had decided to give Linda the pick bitch.
The moment when Jessie was born, we all laughed and said, there she is! She's Linda's.
She is so beautiful!

When a dog lives to be sixteen years and eight months old, you can think they will go on forever.
Of course she will, in our hearts, especially Linda's.
But the Earth is a little bit less lovely now.
Heaven is even more so.

Jessie 6/29/97 - 2/22/14

hug your treasured hounds
and hold Linda gently in your hearts for a little while


  1. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Linda. Jessie was a beautiful girl. Godspeed ♥

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  2. Agreed...a Magical Litter. And a wonderful tribute. Thank you for sharing Jessie with us.

    nose pokes and snuffles
    gus n teka

  3. Oh Patience..you have such a gift with words. I love reading what you write and it usually brings tears. But they are the good kind, remembering dogs that have left me and how very much I loved them and now miss them. Thank you Patience for the love you show to all who know you and especially for our beloved whippets.

    Rhonda Gifford

  4. Sending comforting woofs from one here on earth and one at the Bridge hoping to meet sweet Jessie.


  5. Holding you and Linda near to our hearts during this difficult time. We simply don't have enough time with these whippets


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