Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stolen Whippet Puppies

Perhaps some of you bloggers could help spread the word? I read this on the whippet lists, and for a moment I couldn't remember how to breathe.

I AM CROSSPOSTING THIS, THESE ARE NOT MY PUPPIES. A whippet mom in Conroe Texas (near Houston) needs our prayers for a quick and safe return of her babies!!!!
Nancy writes

My house was broken into today. 2/17/10. Along with stuff I can replace they stole 2 five week old whippet puppies. Please - Please - PLEASE be on the lookout for any whippet puppies. I live in Conroe, Texas. We are contacting the vets - newspaper - shelters - local news channels - whatever we can think of. I think it was kids because of the sloppy things they took - leaving behind other stuff. It is so cold outside.... they are just babies....Permission to cost post - PLEASE!!!Pictures of the two puppies are attached
My cell is 713-817-1236

hug your precious hounds


  1. We just shared it on our FB thingie...

    Paws khrossed fur the sweeties...


  2. This is terrible...we just don't have anything else to say about it.

    gussie and teka

  3. I posted this on NW Dog Activities Yahoo Group. Breaks my heart to think of these little puppies out there. Please tell us this ends well.

  4. w00fs, have them watch graigslist too, would b some quick money for someone...and also post on petfinder..and register them, cant hurt to try those places too..

    b safe,

  5. If it's a prank, it is surely a despicable one.

    Jake and JH

  6. Those poor babies we pray for their safe return and will crosspost!

    -Katie and the poodles

  7. Patience, I just sent this out to all my FB friends also(have only 15 since I just started FBing a few days ago). My friends (all animal lovers), however, have a gazillion friends each so hopefully they will send this plea far and wide.

    On a happier note, I've been meaning to ask what you thought of little Chanel from the Westminster Dog Show. Did you know of her?

  8. That was posted on our Airedale list this morning! What meanie would do such a thing! grrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    We hope those babies are returned asap in perfect condition!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  9. We just read this at Mollie Jo and Bobo's blog (Dog Eared) and had to show our support - this just makes us sick. We are sending lots of purrs that the puppies are found soon, and we have posted at our two blogs asking for all our friends to purr and pray for their safe return too@

  10. Oh, no! This is terrible. What is the matter with humans!

  11. Awful! My sisters and I are purring for their safe recovery!

  12. This is appalling and disgusting. We don't understand what the heck is wrong with humans. We are sending purrs and our human is sending Light that the puppies will be found and returned safe and sound, SOON.

    -The Fuzzy Tales crew

  13. I will post this on my facebook page. This is horrible. Prayers for those sweet babies.

  14. This is so awful. We are praying for the puppies' safe return.

  15. Heartbreaking. Please let us know if the puppies get home safely. Thinking positively!!!

  16. Hello, got word from Mollie Jo and Bobo. Tweeting and FBing... We'll be thinking of you. I wish for a happy reunion soon.

  17. Stories like this happen with all too frequency. I do not let anyone in my house when I have kittens unless I know them or they have filled out an adoption application and talked with me on the phone a few times. Same reason I don't sell stuff on Craigs List...I hope these pups are found safe and sound.

  18. This is heartbreaking..those little babies are so precious..I can't believe the evil of soe people..we're praying for their safe return

    smoochie kisses
    ASTA and Mommi

  19. We are so sorry for what had happened. Please be strong... we will pray and purr for the puppies... Take care

  20. Hi

    Please pass on my cat and I's support and hope that these gorgeous puppies are found soon.

    Such devastating news!

    Take care

  21. ahwwwwww, how could someone do this? This this awful! I hope they are found safe!

  22. This is horrible-I hope you get them back.

  23. Thank you for all your reposting and spreading the word. a reminder: THESE ARE NOT MY PUPPIES. I am just passing the word along. The puppies were stolen during a house robbery near Houston, TX.


  24. I'm a bit late on this, but this breaks my heart. Has there been an update?



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