Tuesday, August 26, 2008

And the Winner of the FABULOUS POOP CANDLE is...

Aniemother!!!! Better known as mom to the Wrigglebutts.

Now, you Dear Readers, can take heart and know that these drawings are absolutely fair and on the up and up, because now I get to ship the three dollar poop candle to NORWAY!!!! And the Whippets want it known that this lives with Anie and Bajas the pug:

and if these drawings were fixed, no C.A.T. would win anything but an invitation to LUNCH...
Naughty dogs!

Anie, please email me with your mailing address, and your poop candle will arrive via International Priority Mail!

Now for the next FREE prizes:

It's a fun little zipper bag, 5" by 3.5" with a beaded doggy charm. It's perfect to carry poop bags, or keys, or a hotel key, or charge cards and a driver's license on walks. And if you're planning ahead for the Holidays, this is a great little gift. Also to celebrate summer is an ice cream cone squeaky stuffie. It's 7" long, and won't melt, but will be great fun to destuff for FREE!!!

Maria says to enter, just Click To Comment!
(And if you are here for your first visit and are wondering what on earth is going on, we're having Reader Appreciation Days, celebration our 75,000 pageviews and 50,000 visits which you can read about HERE.)
[Actually, what Maria said was pertaining to her feelings about sending anything to a C.A.T. which I cannot repeat on this family friendly blog... MARIA!]
hug your hounds and good luck!


  1. You can't beat an ice cream cone that doesn't melt!

  2. Those lucky ducks. That cat is scary looking.

  3. Belated congratulations on 50,000 hits! That is awesome. Totally dig the poop candle too. Leave it to the waggle to find a poop candle.

  4. congratulations to the owner of the C.A.T. on winning the poop candle. Gussie says..."Anyone who has a cat needs one of those!"


  5. That bag is the cutest!!


  6. Wow that cat looks possessed! And limber, but then cats are LIKE that, aren't they? Congrats on your HUGE blog stats. Wow, they are so well-deserved. We always love to visit.

  7. Love to read your blog, Patience! Congrats on your success and your upcoming blogiversary.


  8. I wanted the poop candle, dang it! But Tara would love the ice cream cone. And I wish I was going to get to congratulate you in person this weekend. Maybe I need a trip to Paducah....

  9. PA DUKE AH -- You want us to stop in PA DUKE AH???? What a kind invitation!!!

    After we caused that slight incident at the Port of Memphis, we're not sure we can board either of those boats again -- but we can always run your way. Drat, but then Teka would have to run with us, and we're not sure if she can keep up with us.

    Ahem, doesn't SW have his own limoozine????? We'll pay the gas, if he could possibly come get us all.

    Or there's the Aire Ruby anniversary tour --

    Stay tuned. Right now, we're just going to finish reading a mystery novel to muzzer and enjoy another smoothie (or two). Hic!

    Jake and Just Harry

  10. Congratulation Patience! Your blog is a must read every day! Miss Gracie would love an ice cream cone to shake to death!

    Sue, Gracie, and HotRod

  11. Congratulations Patience! We enjoy your blog and are looking forward to the new book!

    Rio, Taffy, the Mutant & the Monster ;-)

  12. "..anything but an invitation to LUNCH..."

    Did someone say kitty for lunch??



  13. Congwatulations to the impawtially dwawn Winnew, hehehe
    Maria don't be upset..I'm suwe the delish cone and bag will go to a wowfy doggie
    smoochie kisses

  14. Congrats! Chester and Riley says "Thats a cat??????" Bet it can run fast since it hasn't got any hair - makes it more aerodynamical!

    Enjoy reading all that you write!

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  16. Hahaha... Too funny! I'll e-mail you!


  17. Ice-cream that doesn't melt! Wow thats so cool!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  18. We love the Waggle! I keep asking my hubby to read your blog so he can see a family with more dogs than our four. He says he doesn't like the funny look I get after reading about 9 wonderful puppies. Snuffles and snorts from Charlie girl, Ollie wog, Honeypuppy and Super Ted from WA State!

  19. Oh,Maria,but it's a SPHYNX CAT!!! Congrats on the great stats,but I'd expect nothing less,dear P! martha et al

  20. Congrats ... love your stories ... can tell you are truly loved by a bunch of whippies.

    Aunt_Angela2 (on whippet world)

  21. The whippets, greyhound, and I send wooooodles, roooos, and woo hoos on the success of your blog. We never miss a day checking to see what you and the waggle are up to. We agree with Maria about the C.A.T.!

  22. I love your site, Patience! I think I've said that before when I've commented... :)

  23. Oooh, we want to enter! It is Erin, Scarlett, and Rose, of course. We are long time fans since the very first post! I can't believe its been a year.

  24. Banjo agrees with Maria & says "What are you doing sending a poop candle to a Devon Rex in Norway?" He thinks you should send an ice cream cone to a Bluegrass Banjoman in England & a jolly useful poop bag holder to his servant!
    Your blog is the first thing I check each time I use the computer, Patience, thank you for an entertaining & sometimes thought provoking page.

    Carol, Banjo & Aida

  25. we really think that Maggie & Mitch should win the ice cream cone. they love ice cream like no one else we know (except our fat mom).


  26. Great blog, Patience! Reading your posts has become a happy daily habit.
    Love the pic of that Devon Rex ;)

  27. I like reading your blog too! I have some whippet pals (I was in love with one at class!) and some IG pals which look like tiny whippets. So cute!
    I've got a poop piece of soap -- Mom saw it at a dog festival and fell in love with it. It's so real!


  28. Hmmm.... Anie, Bajas and Virus won the poo candle!
    That bag is pawesome (my mom said that!)
    Kisses and hugs

  29. Oh, I'll bite! Arrr, arrr! Big congrats on those pawsome statistics! Glad you're here so we can be one of them. Woofs, Johann

  30. That cat is scary looking and I happen to like cats.
    Maria is very ernest about her feelings and you must respect that aspect of her personality even if she is thinkig HBO words.

  31. Congrats to Aniemother!! That CAT they got poops in a box of sand INSIDE THE HOUSE. WTF.

    Anyway, I am glad they won becuase we love their blog!

  32. I have champion destuffers in the house now. The worse that I had in the past was a dog that nibbled the feet off of stuffies.


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