Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Family and Friends

We had a wonderful visit from Bill's cousins Joan and Dan, and Joan's husband Angelo last week. They drove all the way from South Jersey (which, like Western Kentucky, is its own state) to bring us a freshly picked crop of broccoli rabe.

The dogs know that something of great import is simmering whenever I clean the guest room. It is normally the one room in the house off limits to dogs, so when the door opens and the Electrolux attacks, they know fun is afoot.

This puts them in a rather high state of spirits by the time the guests arrive. (Coupled with the fact that I usually spend the forty-eight hours before said arrival frantically cleaning the rest of the house, leaving no time for normal dog activities.) So when the cousins walked in, weary from their two day drive, the dogs were tuned, tuned, tuned.

"Company!" shouted all nine whippets. "Welcome to our happy home! Let us show you our gladness and glee by screaming hello in your ears and jumping on you and each other and creating havoc and general disorder!"

The cousins don't have dogs.

But, as you no doubt have guessed, cousins who will drive 980 miles to bring fresh produce are the best sports in the world. And they pretended not to mind being treated like so many pins in a whippet bowling alley.

A great good time was had, along with the consumption of much broccoli rabe. Our friends Karen and Steve came over to join us and Karen decorated Sam I Am in her napkin. This doesn't exactly pertain to this story, but the picture is so darn cute.

(Karen is an artist here in Paducah. She made her bracelet. It is enamel on silver. I covet it.)

The dogs adored the cousins. And the cousins said kind things, like, "These dogs are so well behaved. They're so soft." (The cousins had gotten over their excessive welcome by this point.)

It was a wonderful visit. Our freezer is stocked with a year's supply of broccoli rabe. And we are chock full of smiles and gratitude.

Cousin Joan gets a sweet kiss from Lindy Loo

hug your hounds


  1. I like family that come bearing gifts...especially broccoli rabe.

    Ummm...what exactly is broccoli rabe!? *goes off to Google*

  2. OK, I gGoogled. Never heard of it before, but it looks yummy!

  3. Sam looks like my Italian Grandmother, and so perfectly in keeping with the celebration.

    MMMMMM...the Broccoli sounds lovely. Do you steam it and then saute with olive oil and garlic, or make aioli for it or????

    sometimes I just eat a piece raw if it is fresh.


  4. My Nonna used to make broccoli rabe! I've never tasted it before but mom says that it's very, very good and healthy for you too! yummmmmmmm

    Love ya lots,

  5. your dogs don't go nuts at the vacuum?

    riley has learned to stand quietly at my side while i vacuum, as long as i either pet him continuously, or feed him treats.

    the minute i slack off from either one, he barks like mad.

  6. oohhh we love brocoli rabe with garli and oil and pasta!!!! We love the napkin babushka!!!!!(don't we all have a picture like that!!!) Love A+A

  7. This is one of those rare times when P and I have to switch roles...she is the optimist and I am the pessimist. There is NO WAY IN HEAVEN that the broccoli rabe will last a year! 2-3 months at the most.

  8. It is always great fun when people come and you can jump on them.

  9. We LOVE company. We would be extra crazy if anyone came over!!

  10. Sounds like a happy time for everyone!
    Broccoli rabe?? What is that?? I know the broccoli... without the rabe! And its yummy!
    Kisses and hugs

  11. It sure sounds like a great visit, we read more on your husband's blog too! My dad just got something called a kegorator and a friend came to teach him how to use all the dials and knobs and hoses. Of course Tanner and I were helping and sniffing in his tool bag and trying to get INTO the fridge and stuff. LUCKILY this friend has 4 dogs and thought just 2 of us was quite manageable! I can't imagine going to a house with 9 dogs when you have 0!

  12. Hello Patience!

    They were brave people weren't they? Twelve years ago I would have been terrified of meeting one dog before Prince came into my life. Nine dogs - I would have been shaking....... but it sounded like another very happy visit in a warm and wonderful home!

    Love those clean, healthy doggie faces.

  13. Dear Karen,

    Please give Patience your bracelet.


  14. Sounds like fun! And broccoli rabe is my most very favorite vegetable! Can I come next time?!:)


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