Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Rescue (just a little short story - fiction)

Part One

He had no idea what had happened to his life. He was sure he hadn't done anything Against the Rules. He hadn't Pooped in the House in forever, and he had chased that neighbor cat back to Creation, when it had dared to step on his family's property. He was pleased with the job he'd done terrifying the invading mail man every single day. He was sure his family appreciated his excellent skills of finding treasures in all of the garbage cans. Especially when he found the best treasures in the bathroom garbage and brought them into the living room for all to see.

Still, his safe, familiar, loving home had disappeared faster than stupid squirrel up a handy tree. He had heard his tall humans fighting and arguing about nothing and everything. His whole family was crying and sobbing and boxes were filled with their stuff. Then he was at a very strange place and the dad was sniffing and saying, "Sorry, buddy. I'm so sorry," and after handing his leash to a tired person, the dad walked away, without turning back. The tired person put him in a run with two other dogs and he had never felt such all encompassing, stark terror.

He curled up in a little ball in the back of the run and closed his eyes to all of it.

He didn't notice how many dark times passed. He knew the lights came on, dogs barked, and people came in and cleaned up the run, food dishes appeared, which he couldn't bring himself to touch, so his runmates argued over his. The lights went off and dogs continued to bark. So many dogs. The lights came on and the routine started again. He knew his bones were sticking into the hard cement more than they had when he first came, and he knew his family hadn't returned; that was all he knew.

A woman stood at the front of his run. Something tickled his nostrils.

"Oh he absolutely is one!" the woman was saying. "Thank God you listed him on PetFinder! We try not to let any of them spend a day in a shelter. I guess his family didn't bother to let the breeder know they couldn't keep him. Or I suppose he could have come from a puppy mill in the first place. Who knows. I just so appreciate y'all working with Rescue."

The shelter worker sighed as she accepted the fee and the paperwork from the rescuer. If only all of the dogs had such active advocates as these less popular breeds. Oh well, one less dog to put down today. One less.

This woman's van smelled of joy and treats and fabric softener. Instead of riding in the back seat like he had with his family, the woman put him in a crate. His eyes were still blinded by the sunlight, so he relied on his nose. The crate had fluffy blankets in it and clean water and a chewie and a biscuit. There were other dogs in the van, dogs just like him, and they wagged and sniffed greetings from their crates.

His Rescuer gave him a tender pat as she gently settled him in his crate. "You'll be all right now, sweet heart. Everything will be all right now." He smelled her tears, and without thinking he licked her face.

"Oh you poor, dear dog," cried the woman. "Let's go home."

... to be continued [Click HERE for Part Two]

hug your hounds


  1. Oh, thank you Patience!

    Kathy and Star
    and the tear stained keyboard

  2. You ruined my make-up again. Sigh. Back to the bathroom.

  3. We are looking forward to the next part of the story.

  4. Not fair! To be continued.....

    I'm already leaking water from my eyes! Not fair.

    PS: Thanks for the comment on my blog.

  5. Oh goodness does this make my throat clench up and my eyes prickle... This makes me think of poor Gwinnie, that whippet that was so horribly misrepresented on PetFinder. Thank the stars that WRAP hopped on the case and will be bringing her in to a home where people know and love whippets, and from there give her the best possible forever home.

  6. Oh, it is sooo not nice to make people weep at work, but I love the story.

    gussie's muzzer

  7. Hey Patience,

    That is the beginning of a nice story from the 'dog's-eye' point of view.

    Early this morning we packed up our latest (in a series) of rescues to make the trip up to his 'forever' home. The hard part in doing 'rescue' is letting them go...

    Bashers' Dad

  8. Patience you did it again! Tears flow as I read this and probably will again when you continue.

    Look forward to the next part of the story. Will grab the tissue box before I read it tho.

    Daydream Hounds

  9. Hugging my hound like crazy and never letting her go!!!!

  10. More, more!! (loved the river photos and comments!!!!)

    kari & kijsa

  11. Thank dog we are reading this when the next part is available, this is making Tanner want to cry. We can't thank you enough for naming that character after me, you said he was a hero, well I am so humbled you thought of me! I assume he is also handsome????? ;) Thanks again for the great stories!


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