Thursday, January 31, 2008

OK, Old Dog?

You didn't eat your breakfast.

That has never been your way.

You look so tired and troubled,

What's the matter, can you say?

Fourteen years you've been my shadow

Now you're curled up in a knot

Like the one that's in my stomach

And my breath which can't be caught.

I'm not ready for this, Old Dog,

Surely I can't be that brave.

You have always been my courage;

I can't make my heart behave.

I must be calm and comfort you.

Oh God how will I cope?

Though grateful for your life, your soul,

I cannot help but hope

That we can have still one more day,

To sit, warm in the sun.

You nestled in my guarding arms,

Time's dirty work undone.

So sleep tonight, my dear Old Dog.

I'm here, I'll hold you close.

Tomorrow you'll feel better and

We'll chase away the ghosts.

Hug your hounds


  1. Oh, my eyes are leaking! Beautiful story...wonderful dog!

  2. Hoping tomorrow the sun shines again for you both! Kiss little velvet ears and give Very Old Dog a hug from me please.
    As always the verse spoke a million words. It was beautiful.

  3. We're wiping away tears! What a nice story!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. We're praying for you and old dog and the whole waggle. And hoping tears don't rust the laptog

    kissies from
    barb and gus

  5. Oh, Patience, you've brought tears to my eyes again. I'm praying that Old Dog IS ok and that you two will share many more sunny days together.
    Sheila & Lady

  6. All of our thoughts and prayers are with you.Sending positive vibes to the whippets and the humans. Hugs, r

  7. Hopefully all is well this morning and Very Old Dog ate his breakfast. Either way, I hope you can find comfort in each other as well as those around you.

    You will miss him horribly when he's gone as I do one who was with me a whole lot less time. I just try to visualize her finally running freely with a big grin on her face and no pain in her eyes.

    Gentle hugs to you both.

  8. I got a damp hug for that one. Very Old Dogs are also Very Special Dogs.


  9. I hope Old Dog is ok. You got the feelings right down with your poem. *sniff,sniff* Thinking of Old Dog and many of my Old Dogs too. God Bless

  10. I feel like hugging my girl after reading this. If only we can reverse the effect of what time had brought along.

    Snowball's jie jie

  11. Hugging like mad! Tilly, Prince and I are sending lots of love for a brighter day tommorrow....

  12. i am reading your blog (and thank you for finding mine) and hoping very hard that she's just off her feed a bit, nothing more.

    the story of getting her to pee on command was hilarious. she is obviously very very smart.

    and you are a very dedicated owner.

    i love that.

  13. Love and kisses to Very Old Dog. What a beautiful poem, Patience. Hope everything is ok tonight.

    P.S. Thanks so much for your sweet Maisie comment today. Ugg...looks like four more weeks in a cast! the way...the Golden Apple painting is now on Etsy. I am so happy you like it.xox

  14. Hey Patience,
    I am glad to hear that VODog is doing better and eating. A couple of months ago 'Basher' got real sick and stopped eating for days. After the virus ran its course I was able to fatten him up again with a mixture of chicken & rice with his kibble. He's still eating it ;-)
    Basher's Dad

  15. Sooo glad Old Dog ate. He's been on my mind ever since I read your post earlier. They just make you hold your breath, your stomach knot up, and then collapse with relief from time to time, don't they? Will be keeping the Old Dog in my heart for close watching. mmuaahh on his soft head :)

  16. THANK DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom's heart stopped beating for a minute there. Check out our blog for a pic of the whippets enjoying some fun at our house. we are not responsible for any stomach upset caused at our home!!

  17. I'm so glad to hear that Very Old Dog is doing so much better. What a relief!

  18. Boy, what a relief!! We experienced your emotions over a year ago when our fourteen-year-old Koobus III was dying. Your touching poem reminded us of the sadness we felt. Fortunately our new, beautiful, little Koobuss IV has repaired our broken hearts.

    We're glad that Old Dog is feeling better and we wish him and you many more healthy, happy years together.

    Love and Koobuss Kisses,
    Koobie and Family

  19. Oh I'm so glad VOD is better. We went through a couple of years of old Nathan and his problems but we were grateful for those two years after his heart problems started.
    That was a beautiful poem!


  20. Patience
    Oh My dog..I'm sowwy I haven't checked in a few days, and you've had a tewwible time..Now I'm cwying teaws of joy fow you and old Bootiful dog...not yet!!!!
    smoochie kisses,Asta

  21. I loved your poem. I'm just starting out in the dog-owning world, and loving every minute.

  22. so glad to read your PS.

    i know how worrisome this is. our boscoe is 12 1/2--not Very Old, but the same age as Toby when toby died, so every ache and pain we worry about.

    boscoe likes to look at us and say, hey, i ain't dead yet!

  23. Hi guys,

    I gave you guys and award, but I see that you already recieved it. Nevertheless, I mean everything I said and I want you to have this award, again, from me this time.

    Love and Koobuss Kisses,

  24. Oh,VOD,hang in there! I got very worried when first I started reading the post-glad Beans is feeling better. Maybe he just wasn't very hungry that day!!-martha and P-Doggy-who will only be 6 Feb 3rd.

  25. Oh that's great news. We were getting all sad and then read the bottom and got happy again

  26. Oh how well I know the, "No, no, no this can't happen." So glad I read this today when the happy ending was attached.

    I'm going to measure a couple of furry old necks around here and order some collars. The one with flames so suits my Roy aka. Mad Max. He is very aggressive and protective, and we have spent many years coming to something that resembles control. He is a bit of a problem child, but last night he earned his keep. Our property is pretty extensive and mostly wild. Way off in the distance there appeared something like headlights. Not a good thing here. Husband out of town, not sure enough to call the sheriff, more courage than brains, I decide to drive up the hills and take a look. I feel very vulnerable and aware of the risk I'm taking until I realize that I have my Roy who lives and breaths to protect me and is not afraid to put on quite a stunning display to prove it. Into the car he goes and we drive to meet the danger. Which was gone by the time we got there. Thank the heavenly protectors and thank Roy who has earned a collar with flames or dragons, I can't decide.

    I also had a dog I'd unknowlingly taught to pee upon command. I hate to admit this, but sometimes just to impress a visitor I'd tell him to "go pee". He would squint and strain until he got something out. He was Rudy, love of my life, who I miss every day.

    Have I told you lately how much I love your blog?

  27. Skeeix here, sending soft licks to Giacomino and Fat Charlie.

  28. We've been busy, but we are so glad to see the update on VOD. Give VOD a great big hug for us, there can never be too many

    gussie and muzzer(who is VERY glad this game is elsewhere next year!)

  29. The old dog still has a few tricks to play. Good for the old dog. An extra treat is in order.

  30. I guess we dogs have moods just like our human servants.

    We're glar that Very Old Dog is up and around.

    Hugs, woofs, and lots of love,

    Jake and JH

  31. So so glad Old Dog is back on his feed....give major terrier hugs to old dog and the rest of ur waggle!

    Scruffy, Lac and Babystan

  32. I was thinking the same as Jack. Maybe he was not on the mood! Glad to read that he is eating and happy again!
    Kisses and hugs

  33. That's beautiful! Sniff..sniff...

    Woofs, Johann


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