Friday, October 19, 2007


[Warning: tonight's entry is distressingly journal-like. I'm too tired to make it into a story. I will probably end up deleting these and making them into one better organized, more fun tale when I get home. Apologies in the mean time.]

This hotel is lovely. The dogs kept checking behind the dresser when we first came in, hoping for more stinky seafood. Thank goodness, they were disappointed. Mama Pajama's breathing looks the smallest bit labored to me tonight. I hope I am seeing things. She is comfortable and resting and wondering where her bedtime snacky is. It is insanely warm and humid here; that front should blow over tonight.

I wish I had remembered my camera. The fall colors in the mountains in eastern Tennessee and southern Virginia were spectacular. And, having grown up in the Berkshire Mountains in western Massachusetts, I'm quite the fall foliage snob. But it was the best autumn scenery I've ever witnessed. The trees went from deep green to brilliant golden to fiery orange and crimson. I bought some new windshield wiper blades, and of course the rain immediately stopped. If only I had bought them before my trip to Minnesota and Wisconsin; all that flooding would have been prevented. I'm sorry, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

We took a detour to visit my son and to meet his beautiful girlfriend. The young 'uns got to meet their first horse, nose to nose. (Whyyyy did I forget the camera... ?) They thought it was pretty funny in a let's run and spin and woof kind of way.

The new dog food is making them fart. Five fartin' dogs in a van for seventeen hours. Woo-hoo, my sinuses are clear!

I'm being silly. Too tired to write. I apologize for this drivel.



  1. hummmmmmmmmm doggy farts and autumn leaves! What could possibly be better!
    Get your rest, Patience!

    Love ya lots,

  2. I love the virtual trips I take with you. Please don't stop your travel journal. It's so much fun!
    Not Boring!
    Sheila & Lady

  3. I love introducing my greyhound to new things, it always cracks me up. The stiff legged slow extension of his front half as he leans as far forward as possible. Nose slowly inching up on the target. The slightest sound, touch or movement makes him startle back a bit. We recently met a parrot for the first time--it talked back; boy was that hilarious. We also met a scarecrow on a walk, well, two of them. One was posted up and had flying fringe. The other was slumped next to the front stoop and looked sort of like a dead body. Silly dog!

    Get your sleep--it might be forced on you. I swear by Achilles' fart-induced comas. You'll wake feeling refreshed, and a little stinky.

  4. Can I Fed-Ex your camera? I, seriously, go mad without mine.

    PS A "journal like" post? WAY BETTER than no post at all. And, anyway, I think it's good like it is.

  5. Dogs, Autumn foliage, freedom - you've got the lot haven't you? Lots of sleep now you are happy with your Hotel and you will be jumping over the moon! Golden days - ENJOY!


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