Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Walking Nekkid?

I have been walking for so many years like this:

That if I have to walk anywhere without my dogs, I feel as though I'm walking like this:

Hug your hounds, fully clothed please and thank you!


  1. In the winter the sweatpants and hoodie go on over the PJ's. Does that count?

  2. Ha ha - I know just what you mean. It feels VERY strange to walk without dogs.

  3. Beautiful dogs.

    Whippets are the breed I would look at for hours in my dog book. No whippet breeders around here.

    1. Whippets are the world's best kept secret, and for the most part, whippet breeders like to keep it that way. Whippets - like most breeds - aren't for everyone. If you have a fenced yard and like to share your bed and couches and get regular exercise that could include a dog, message me, and I'll give you some names :-)

  4. I would be nothing but a couch potato without my dogs. I agree 100%. -- Heather

  5. Having walked two dogs and now just walking one, I do feel half nekkid!!!



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