Thursday, October 25, 2012

On the subject of sags

I bent over to give Mama Pajama some fresh water and some scritches; it's part of our bed time ritual.

"Do you realize how much weight you've lost in your butt and your legs," asked Bill?

We have changed what we eat. Radically.

I looked at my thighs and, as best as I could, my butt.

"They sure are saggy," I said. "I have old lady saggy thighs."

"Yes," said Bill.

We laughed. He tried to make it better.

"I mean," he said, "you have other parts that sag much worse than your thighs."

We laughed more.

hug your hounds, and people who make you laugh


  1. My husband is quite tactful too.


  2. Thanks for my morning laugh - at least Bill noticed that your healthy eating is paying off. My ex wouldn't have noticed if I'd become a skeleton. But then, that might be why he's my ex. :)

  3. Laughing so loud at my computer, Stella is wondering if I've once again gone goofy!!! Well, I never stopped ... doggies take care of that. :)

    You two are a riot. True Love at it's best.


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