Monday, March 1, 2010

Smiles as big as a big butt!

I downloaded a video program for my phone. This was my first try. For the Swede William fan club - he was sleeping by my chair in my computer/sewing room, sorry!

Yesterday I loaded up the whole waggle (except Delia who was out for a long walk with her Bill) and we headed to the kennel club property. I didn't take a single photo; I was that selfish. It was sunny.

Did a little agility practice with Sammy, Lindy Loo and Swede William. They were wildly happy, and everyone threw in a zoomie or eight. Let Fat Charlie and Easy run around in the fenced area. In the sun. I couldn't tell you who wore the biggest smiles.

Tossed a squeakie for Luciano by himself in the fenced area. Special time for the special boy. In the sun.

Took Sam, Lindy and William out for a second round of agility practice. Heavy on the treats and squeakie rat rewards. In the sun. It was so warm I got a little bit stinky in my arm pits. Woo-hooo!

Then I took Mama Pajama, Fat Charlie, Easy and Luciano for a leisurely walk around the property. In the sun.

They snuffled and rolled and peed and grinned wide enough to fit my whole heart in.

Better. Life is much better.

Today it's gray and dank and chilly. So I had three cupcakes for lunch and now I'm going to soak in a tub full of scorching hot water. With a book. Then I'll be so hot that walking the dogs will feel good.

Thanks for your wise, gentle, kind words! Guess what? THE FEBRUARIES ARE OVER!!!! I'm happy dancin' here, how about you?

hug your hounds, and hugs from me to you


  1. Stella and I just got home from a walk. Our snow is melting by the bucketful(don't worry, there will be more!), and the sun is shining in the cloudless sky. Stella usually is in our fenced backyard, but she can't see the street or the people who walk by. So she wasn't coming in with me, nosir, not today. So I fixed her long leash up with the regular one for 30' of roaming in the front. Sometimes you have to let them know they had a good idea!

    Happy March, Patience and Pups,

    Jo and Stella

  2. Oh Patience it sounds just heavenly. It was warm up here yesterday too - and we spent it at race practice having a ball. Miss Anneke especially liked the fresh cow poop spread over the whole field. Running free and poop? What a fantabulous day. Glad you enjoyed your day too.

    Sue, HotRod, and Anneke

  3. That looks pretty cool! Would you mind telling us which app you loaded on your iPhone? I would like to get the app too! I will check back here for your answer. Also is it hard to figure out how to work the video app?

  4. Oh We got a giant smile looking at the gowgeous waggle in the video..wish I could have cwaled thwough the pootew to sniff and kiss them
    Happy Mawch!!!
    smoochie kisses

  5. We are rating the video a "not bad" due to the absence of William.

    Teka Toy Dagger

    hugs back, despite this.

  6. I know we were spoilied by the weekend weather....Today was too gloomy and cold.

    Wags and Licks,
    Mollie Jo and Bobo

  7. I love it how you have hounds sprawled all over the house! Heavenly! And cupcakes (with plenty of frosting I hope) for lunch. And playing in the sun. A hot bath and a book. It doesn't get any better than that.

  8. All is calm, all is bright. What a wonderful scene, all of the whippets as content as could be. I

  9. We loved your video, Patience! Thank you for the smiles!
    Spring is on it's way to CT too! whooooohoooooo

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  10. Yeah!!!!!
    open windows, too!
    xxxooo to all, the cats on 6th st.

  11. Yes, March is here!!! We have reason to hope.

    I just got back from taking Lindsay for a run. Our snow has completely gone except for the forest trails where the sade has turned the pathways to rugged ice, which made walking treacherous (for me). Four footed Lindsay just flew along.

  12. Look at all those dogs!! Dogs everywhere you look, definitely a great thing. I also saw a snuggleball, which is pawesome. Thanks for the video and goodbye February!

  13. The videos are cool


  14. Today Morgan was sleeping on the sofa, all snuggled in a big quilt when Fudge came charging in the room, yawned then jumped on top of her. Much growling and fussing, but Fudge found another place to nap and Morgan finished her nap in peace.

    i see your dogs are better mannered than mine.


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