Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday My Town Shoot Out - Look Up Look Down

So LAST week's assignment was Look Up Look Down, but I got confused and did THIS week's topic (circles) last week. So here is Last Week's topic this week.

I am a dedicated acrophobe, so no no no you won't see any photos from great heights. Oh no.

There is nothing more uplifting than looking down and seeing Mama Pajama with a snow nose:
(Mama Pajama survived a horrible anti-immune disease at age six, which claimed most of her ears, one lung, and a good deal of her kidney function. It did NOT claim her spirit or her life, and at twelve and a half she is my hero.)

Hardly anyone in these parts bothers to shovel. They are tickled by the snow and figure it's going to melt anyway. Looking down Monroe St.

Looking up at the appropriately named A.I.R. Studio sign. (A.I.R. stands for Artist In Residence. If you want to come live in Paducah's Art District for a week or a month, this is the spot.)
The whippets are fascinated with looking down the storm drains. So am I. They are made of brick and they are ancient. At night they serve as a raccoon Interstate. Whole families emerge to check out whats going on in Lower Town.

Looking up in the newest gallery's window, I think "Hey! There we are!" Only I can't imagine walking whippets in heels! Studio 7 features these art rugs.

Looking up at Paducah Yoga Center.

Looking down in front of the Yoga Center - ah, yes, the famed Snow Angel Pose!

Looking upstream: on the left is the Ohio River; on the right is the Tennessee River. I thought we were in Kentucky?

Looking downstream towards the Mississippi. I think Kentucky has an identity problem.

Looking up Broadway from the river.

Looking down Broadway towards the river. The farthest trees are in Illinois.

Looking up a giant snow bank at Sam I Am the King of the Mountain!

And looking down at little Lindy Loo who wanted to be.

Well that's it from my town. If you want to see fantastic photos from towns all over this world by much better photographers than I, just click on the camera on the right of this blog. It's really fun!

hug your hounds and stay warm and safe


  1. OOH...looking UP at Sam I Am and DOWN at Lindy Loo is great - and we bet it is good exercise.

    You are showing us in small snippets, complete with Whippets, why Paducah is one of the best small towns in the South.

    gussie n Teka

  2. I never though I would ever say these words (not because Paducah isn't a nice place - its just that it isn't on my most want to see before I die list). But I love old river towns and it just looks so charming....I would love to come see it (in the summer, of course).

  3. What a great river town! And three rivers in the same town is awesome.

    I had to laugh about your acrophobia comment. It reminded me of all the times I had to drive us and the horses across high bridges going to and from shows because you couldn't open your eyes. :-)

  4. Mama Pajama really does lift the heart. :) That was such a sweet photo of her!

    Lindy Loo's name always makes me think of little Cindy Lou Who from How The Grinch Stole Christmas, so when I read her name, I always had the 'Who' at the end. Hehehe!

  5. Poor Pajama, I hope her hairing is not affected. In th e60s, in Borneo people didn't care for dogs like you do now. Dogs get into fights, and their ears get bitten, and flies infest them. Not nice.

    Thanks for visiitng.

  6. Loved the ups and downs of your town Patience, thanks for showing us Paducah and the hounds.

  7. Hey you beautiful whippets and whippet-people: I love looking at you all dressed for winter! Can't believe you have snow and we don't; what's up with that? I wonder who inhabits your A.I.R. house right now. Sounds like you have a very viable arts community which is amazing for a town that size. Thanks for sharing; I loved it.

  8. Between going in circles and looking up and looking down I think I have neck strain!

    Great photos of your town. I almost feel like I've been on a visit.

  9. What a great concept! Love the photos, Patience...especially that last one.:)

  10. Great shots of our wonderful town. Downtown is so great and thank goodness that idiot mayor we had before Paxton didn't get his way and tear down all kinds of great old houses. Idiot. Remember? He wanted to demolish the cow on the upstairs balcony house? I passed by it last year and it looked good.

    Did you watch the dog show this weekend? I thought of you when I saw the gorgeous whippet.


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