Thursday, December 17, 2009

Friday My Town Shoot Out - Dressed for Christmas

Here is the sum total of the Christmas decorations at the Casa Renzulli so far:

Bill plugged in the string of lights that's been hanging around the gallery door since last Christmas. Or the one before.

But the town of Paducah is a different story. It is lit.

The charming Texaco Station (now an information booth in the Arts District)

The Hotel Irvin Cobb - a classic from the past, where Louis Armstrong, Billie Holliday, The Tommy Dorsey Band, and more entertained Paducans - now hosts a lovely florist shop, and housing for the elderly and disabled.

The costume store is in the spirit. (Click on that to see the look the 'Car Freshener Baby' is giving his less than thrilled Christmas Tree Mother.)


The downtown gazebo, where you can catch a horse-drawn carriage ride.

The downtown directory, reflecting the snowflake street decorations.

Back in the Arts District, The Colonial. Isn't she graceful?

I hope to write a story tomorrow. One is tickling my brain. I'm back to work on Saturday. I get to see how I do with my first "three twelves in a row." I work Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. I'm afraid they might have to call a code on me by Monday. Not a code blue; it will be too late for that. Just a code D.E.D. (It's spelled D-E-D, but it's pronounced dayedd. There is no such thing; I made it up.)

"Code D.E.D. in the hall, 3C. Code D.E.D."
If you hear one, that will be me.

Nah, I'll be fine. But as much as I can, today and tomorrow, I'm hugging me some hounds, while the hugging is good.

You could hug some, too.


  1. Well, Casa Renzuli is way ahead of Casa Dagger on the decorations thing. With great effort, muzzer has located the Christmas dishes and we are now eating our dog food from bowls with tiny christmas trees. Like she says, we might as well use it!

    Good luck with the story. We will be looking forward to reading it.


  2. Paducah looks like a wonderful place to live. And Casa Renzulli looks warm and inviting, which is how I remember it no matter where it is located. :-)

  3. Lovely once grand old hotels. ...good luck on your 3-12s!! Happy Holidays and Hound Hugging!! xoxo

  4. I remember eating lunch at the Irvin Cobb when I very little - probably '68 or '69.

    I thought I was so grown-up...

  5. Hugs, gotta love them! Hope your three day shifts at work are interesting but not very stressful.

  6. Yeah Patience, you're ahead of us too. Although tonight I have put some red tulips in a vase of water, which I believe counts because they are red. And as far as code D.E.D. goes I looovvvve the way that is said: dayedd! Used to live in Alabama, and really truly miss the dialect.

  7. And it's Friday night, I'm huggin' my hounds big-time.

  8. Paducah shines with the Christmas Spirit, Patience. I really enjoyed the trip around town. That was a lot of fun.

    Don't forget to use Mr. Links on the FSO site to let everyone know you have a post up.

    They all need someone to remind them to hug their hounds!

  9. Good luck on the 3 12's just think you will be off 4 days.

  10. Wonderful shoot! I wonder how many Christmas Tree costumes they rent! If I were wearing a Christmas tree suit, I'd be careful around dogs.

  11. It was nice seeing the sights around your town. I see I came in on the heels of Bagman. Darn. He stole my line. When I saw the tree person I was thinking the same thing.

    So, not to copy my good friend and risk plagiarism, let me say that my cats would have a ball racing to the top. Ouch. Ouch. Get offa me.

  12. My best friend lives in Paducah. Love the gazebo, the Colonial, the old hotel. Now I see why she loves it so much! Merry Christmas!

  13. Thanks for sharing those lovely lights, Christmas lights are one of Mom's favorite things in the world.

    We are sending you LOTS of strength right now as you are midway through your 3 day workfest.

  14. Hope it went ok....put your feet up and read a good book...and eat..I find that always helps.....Love pl2 and A+A


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