Saturday, March 14, 2009

The most generous friend

[If I've mastered the technology correctly, this will be posted while I am on a plane somewhere above Ohio.]

I'm going to visit my friend. It's her birthday and we're having a party. But Carolyn sent me a present.

It's her birthday.
She's in hospice care.
She sent me a present.
That's what kind of friend Carolyn is.

And what a present. I squealed like a ten year old. Just take a look at this.

Oh my ten year old STARS!!! Candy from my childhood! Long lost treasures. Mint juleps! Charleston Chew! I scared the living snot out of Bill when I screamed TEABERRY GUM!!! Candy cigarrettes, candy necklaces (yes, Laurie there it is, circled in green just for you), CHUCKLES!!!Jujyfruits, Chicklets, Necco wafers, Fire balls, Jaw Breakers, Wax bottles, Wax lips, Chunky, Buble Gum Cigars, and so very very very much more!

I'm putting the whole box in my suitcase and sharing it with Carolyn and our friends. Well, almost the whole box. The sugar daddy is gone. The Sky Bar mysteriously disappeared. Hey, where did those mint juleps go? And there was a box of Good 'N Plenty, I know there was. I don't need to take the Junior Mints - you can still get them anywhere. So I'm taking the rest of the box with me in my suitcase.

I can't wait to see Carolyn. I can't wait to see Easy and Spice, and Early, Beauty, and Jack. There is a lot I'm not saying out loud in this post. I'll leave that to you, dear readers.

Thanks, Carolyn! You're the BEST!!! (That is not a Sugar Daddy in my cheek! It just looks like one.)

hug your hounds and think some thoughts of comfort for Carolyn and hers, if you would be so kind


  1. Bless Carolyn for sending such a fun unexpected gift. She is an amazing lady to be going through what she is going through now, yet think of her friends. Hugs to both of you.

  2. Ahh, you are making me cry at work. Not fair.
    Wishing Carolyn and all who love her comfort....hugs to you and your hounds.

  3. Oh, we do so wish you could have taken Sam I Am along so that you and Carolyn and your friends could all take comfort from his calm and quiet self.

    Barring that, muzzer says the candy will help a bit, as long as no one loses a middle aged crown or filling to the sticky stuff.

    kisses to all

  4. please say happy birthday to caroline from the hairy lurchers in england!

  5. Carolyn sent you yummy "treats"!
    We are sending good vibes to her!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  6. Martha and P-doggyMarch 16, 2009 at 4:42 PM

    YEAH CAROLYN! (I'll take the good and plenty if you find it!) happy happ B'day again from NYS( You all made ME alittle teary,too!)

  7. I sure would love a stick of the Teaberry Gum, and the Zagnut! for heavens sake! What a great gift! Edwin's birthday was the other day and Jill brought him 49 candy bars, and some M&M's to grow on! I get sick of chocolate though! Save one slice of gum for me OK?

  8. Oh, and enjoy the time with your friend!

  9. Oh Dear Oh My. Now I'm hungry for a Chick-O-Stick! How cool to have such wonderful friends. I'm wishing Carolyn a very Happy Birthday.


  10. Happy birthday to Carolyn! We are thinking lots of good thoughts for her!
    Mom wants dibs on the Jujyfruits!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  11. PL2 is shivering with excitement just looking at all of that( ALL her favorite)We send Carolyn love light and happiness and a Happy Birthday from us three......Love A+A+PL2

  12. Oh, my doGness! You have taken our mom back to being 10 years old! She thinks she can taste the Chuckles! All but the black one, that one would go to Dad! We are thinking good thoughts for Carolyn and we hope you have a good trip!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  13. We are sending lots of hugs to Carolyn and we are sending early notice to your dentist that he might be able to take a fancy vacation this year ;) Mom LOVES candy, so she is totally drooling.

  14. what a treasure trove. that's candy from our mom's childhood too. she loved Sen Sen and those toy cigarettes. very un-PC. hee hee

    our best to Carolyn. give her a big hug for us.


  15. Francarrich from WWMarch 17, 2009 at 5:35 PM

    Hope you, Carolyn & all your friends enjoy all those sweets from your childhood, it will be a fun memory over the years to come. My daughter will sometimes find Black Jacks & Parma Violets for me at Christmas time, can you imagine it, I end up with black teeth & tongue or breathing violets over everybody!
    I'm sure your visit went well, even though parts of it may have been difficult.
    Good wishes to you, Patience, I know how difficult it is to see somebody we love so ill but we can do nothing much to help them, except maybe help them to laugh, always the best thing in the world, as you have found with Carolyn's gift to you.

    Wags from Banjo & Aida.

  16. Here's wishing all of the fun Ohio can muster for you goofy kids. Enjoy. Two such sweet kids deserve each other and all of that candy.

  17. Glad you had the opportunity to visit Carolyn and her whippet gang. I know it meant the world to her. Two generous kind souls sharing time together...bless you both, r

  18. Glad you had the opportunity to visit Carolyn and her whippet gang. I know it meant the world to her. Two generous kind souls sharing time together...bless you both, r

  19. Glad you had the opportunity to visit Carolyn and her whippet gang. I know it meant the world to her. Two generous kind souls sharing time together...bless you both, r


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